Yahoo! Takes! You! Over! Reliability? None!

Yahoo! Takes! You! Over! Reliability? None!

It seems strange that Yahoo! took over Flickr and the site started to go down. Now, is down.

It was bought by Yahoo! Last week.

Odd, No?

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    “not just that but their beta community group 360 is driving me round the bend with reliability issues. OK, it’s beta, but it is veri intermittent. Yahoo are also now getting into bed with typepad – does that mean that a merger with sixapart is on the horizon – if so theregoes Livejournal as well and worse still they are my provider via BTopenworld LOL – although very reliable there (thought i’d say something positive)”


    “and actually just remembered as it was announced that they were working with typepad for business users – typepad crashed lol”


    “I hope Yahoo! and Typepad don’t merge, their service would never work then!

    At least with using my own blog code if it goes down it’s my fault (or the hosting company but they’re rather reliable – fingers crossed!)”

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