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Why Should You Visit A Bowie Spine And Pain Center For Back Pain?

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Why Should You Visit A Bowie Spine And Pain Center For Back Pain? Staff
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Over 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives. Bowie has a population of close to 58,501, and back pains can afflict people of all ages and genders. Back pains could be triggered by several problems. The problems may be as minor as a muscle strain or as severe as osteoporosis or spinal subluxation.

An experienced pain management specialist can diagnose the reason for your back pain and do the needful to fix the problem. Therefore, it’s critical to visit a Bowie spine and pain center at the earliest if you have back pains.

Proper Detection and Diagnosis

The experts use high-grade medical imaging tools like x-rays and run other tests to diagnose the reason for the back pain accurately. Back pains that are the result of mild sprains or fever don’t need emergency medical attention. However, some of these pains could result from “trauma” consequent to a fall or accident you sustained.

The pain may also be the symptom of an infection that followed the fever. Your doctor or pain management specialist will identify the reason for the pain. Additionally, your doctor will also run scans to determine if the pain was caused by more severe issues like fractures or joint dislocations.

Prescription of Correct Treatment

There are over 8,786 seniors in Bowie. Since bone and muscular health deteriorates with age, seniors are more vulnerable to back pains than others. Timely detection and treatment will help prevent the condition from worsening. The expert may use a combination of physiotherapy and pain medication to treat back pains caused by aging. You may need an elaborate treatment if the pain results from injury.

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People with obesity are 60% more likely to develop back pains and other chronic pains than others. If you are obese, your pain management specialist may recommend weight loss as a long-term solution.

The pain management expert may even refer you to a dietician or nutrition expert. In rare, severe cases, you may need surgery to correct the problem. While pain management specialists are not surgeons, these experts can help you determine if you need surgery.

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Visiting a Bowie spine and pain center will help you determine if you need surgery to get better. Minor problems that only require simple solutions like posture correction could soon aggravate if left unattended. Starting treatment at the earliest may be the best solution in case of back pains.

Avoid Complex Problems

Conditions like spinal stenosis and equina cauda syndrome, where nerves may become compressed and paralyzed, can have severe consequences. In such cases, you may need surgical decompression treatments to cure the pain.

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Additionally, conditions like sciatica can cause extreme discomfort. Visiting a Bowie spine and pain center will help you avoid such complex problems.

Additionally, back pains may spread to other areas of your body. They may also suggest the onset of conditions like arthritis. Early physiotherapy and medication may help manage the pain and the underlying condition.

Back pains that shoot up and down your spine or down to your leg could be critical. If you have nagging back pain, you may consider consulting a pain management expert immediately. These experts may suggest exercises, medication, and lifestyle changes to solve the problem.

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