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What We’ve Learned From Scandinavians About Organizing

What We've Learned From Scandinavians About Organizing

What We’ve Learned From Scandinavians About Organizing

Some people aren’t naturally inclined to keep everything neat and organized. That doesn’t mean they’re dirty and unkempt, just that they need a different approach when it comes to home organizing. If you feel like that you’d like to step up your game and be tidier, then it’s best to learn from Scandinavians as they truly know how to keep their home neat and great-looking, so here are some tips that can help you organize like Scandinavian.

Keeping it simple

One of the most important rules is to keep it simple. Scandinavians know that, and that’s why they don’t stuff their homes with unnecessary furniture and decoration pieces. For them, a lavish sofa isn’t a sign of prestige, so there’s no point in spending money on something that’s too expensive and impractical. As you’ve probably noticed by now, but Ikea furniture is usually very clean-looking without too many details. Also, they often prefer bare wooden floors, and definitely no wall-to-wall carpets, because floors are meant to be easily vacuumed and mopped in any situation. Basically, Scandinavians value simplicity and practicality over tacky displays of wealth.

Light is everything

Due to long and dark winters, Scandinavians appreciate natural light more than anything, and that’s the usual reason their homes are often minimalistic because if you want to have the maximum natural light coming in, you need to get rid of excess furniture and other details that can prevent that from happening. Allowing for some natural light will also make your home spacier especially during the winter. So if you ever wondered why Scandinavian homes look so simplistic, now you know the answer. Same can be said for their choice of colours: neutral, white and other clean tones are much better when you have to spend half of your day (or a year) in dark!

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Cleaning is important

But don’t be fooled into thinking that Scandinavians don’t clean their homes, because, in order to keep their homes looking immaculate, one needs to dedicate some effort into keeping it that way. It might seem difficult at first, but remember that Scandinavians treat cleaning like something that’s important, which makes perfect sense, because when you think about it, keeping your home clean is something you should do regularly. And in case you get overwhelmed, you can choose between the best washing machines and be free for the rest of the afternoon. Because Scandinavians rely on outside help because they also value their time.

Their homes aren’t built for clutter

In case you ever wondered why Scandinavians seem so simplistic and a bit frugal at times, the truth may lie in the fact that their homes (at least older ones) don’t have storage places built, which makes cluttering a bit challenging, since you can create a pile of clutter if you don’t have a place to temporarily store it. Of course, some people prefer to create their own storage, but they still prefer to keep things minimal, so they home will stay neat and without clutter. In case you don’t know how to do it, just ask yourself: “How often do I actually use that? If you don’t (and it’s meant to be used often), maybe you should toss it. There’s no point in keeping things you don’t really need, as then it means they’re more of a nuisance than something that’s actually useful.

Use magnets

Magnets aren’t only cute little souvenirs that you put on your fridge, even though they can be useful when it comes to putting useful info on the fridge such as phone numbers and to-do lists. But Scandinavians use magnets as clever tools, and they definitely make life easier. For example, having a magnetic knife strip can be great for keeping knives easy to get, but also away from kids. Similarly, they can be used in the kids’ room to keep the car toys nicely placed on the wall.

In conclusion, there’s a lot we can learn from Scandinavians when it comes to home organization and decor. Keep in mind that simplicity, light and no clutter are crucial if you want your home to look stylish and clean as those in Sweden or Norway.

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