What iOS Project Management App Is Best For You?


If you’re starting a project with a lot of sub-tasks, you’ll need a way to keep track of all of the dependancies, what stage everything is at, and where things may be falling behind schedule. In this article Colin Conner looks at 2 iOS apps to help your projects get organised so you won’t go over budget or miss a deadline again.

What iOS Project Management App Is Best For You?
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If you are one of those responsible project coordinators who used to keep everything in order, you’ll appreciate the below-listed apps. In this review, we’ll an overview of two of the most powerful project management tools for OSX and iOS: Merlin Project Express and Omniplan.


First of all, Omniplan is regarded to be a pretty popular project management tool for Mac users. It makes no matter what type of business you have because Omniplan is oriented towards businesses of all types and sizes. This is a powerful tool, providing collaboration, issue monitoring, support, reporting, budgeting, task control and lots of other features that are necessary for a successful project control.

The strongest point of Omniplan is task management: It is packed full of a variety of tools allowing users to handle visualization of their projects.

The primary purpose of this software is to help business owners support and monitor the progress of their work at any time. The great thinga about this app is that you don’t need multiple pieces of software to keep track of everything – nearly everything you need is in this one app. Because it’s available as well as a desktop version there’s a mobile app there’s no need to be tied to your desk, you just nee to be on your cell and can keep on top of everything!

The app is developed for both Mac and iOS users. Here is the list of main specifications of Omniplan:

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  • Simple Task Management
  • Splitting of one task
  • Elapsed duration
  • View Filtering
  • Several baselines
  • Network diagrams
  • Clear and convenient interface

You can export the project in various formats. If you face any difficulties with understanding how it works, Omniplan comes with easy to understand tutorial. Their customer support service is also available on an ongoing basis.

Merlin Project Express

This project management tool is regarded to be one more reputable instrument for project coordinators. It is developed for Mac OS X users. Merlin Project Express is appreciated to be the leading project management software, encompassing a lot of features allowing users to keep everything under control.

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Each detail will be under your rigid control. You can draw the plan of your project in the form of systematics and each (even the smallest) aspects will be taken into consideration. In a similar vein, you can assign the individual workload to each member of your team. The results of their work will be presented in the form of graphics, allowing you to check out how they work.

The main benefits of Merlin project management are the following ones:

  • The app integrates with other programs
  • Users who only start working with it are provided with tutorials
  • Even the smallest detail of work will be under your control
  • You can see the utilization of all resources
  • You can calculate the budget

The support team is also available. For that reason, if there are any issues or you can’t understand how one or another feature works, you can get in contact with them and you’ll get the thorough consulting advice!

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The app is not free but users can test it for 1 month with no charge. During this time period, you can understand whether this application can meet your requirements or not.

Analyzing the feedback of those who have already used both apps we can conclude that Merlin is packed with a bigger amount of features. Nevertheless, both programs are suited for small or medium businesses. Both programs are focused on the following groups:

  • Issue monitoring
  • Task control
  • Traditional/agile management

The primary target of each user is to select the one which can help them cope with their tasks and comply with their demands.

Editor’s Note: These Apps are iOS and Mac based, if you’re looking for reasonably priced project management tools for windows check out this round-up of 18 Free Project Management Apps from Zapier or PCMag’s great Project Management Software Overview or this fantastic list by Time Doctor of 35 Top Project Management Tools to Drive Your Business which are web-based so all your team will be able to access them
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