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Weekly Round-Up #245: Getting Some Privacy, Freelancer Loneliness & The Health Impacts Of Red Wine

Weekly Round-Up #245: Getting Some Privacy, Freelancer Loneliness & The Health Impacts Of Red Wine

Weekly Round-Up #245: Getting Some Privacy, Freelancer Loneliness & The Health Impacts Of Red Wine

Hello and Happy New Year to you!

We’re back after a little break – we had some time off to rest and relax over December but we’ve now recharged our batteries and are raring to go!

This week we look at how you can make an open plan or shared office a bit more private, how lonliness affects freelancers and the health impacts of red wine.

How Media Franchises Make Their Money – Casino Kings

Casino Kings analysed the world’s highest grossing media franchises that started out as cartoons, films, comic books, video games and other forms of media to find out which revenue streams generate the most money for these famous franchises.

Canada’s Gaming Behaviours Unlocked – Ruby Fortune Casino Blog

Canada is a nation of gameplayers and in fact, the ways in which we play can tell us a lot about ourselves. From the country as a collective to regional typecasts; to our relationships, personality traits and attitudes to technology – can our gaming behaviors be a giveaway into who we really are? New research has returned to the origins of our gaming fascination: traditional, tabletop games. A survey was conducted of 1,002 people, asking Canadians about their favourite traditional games and why they love them, as well as what their gaming behaviours say about Canadians as a whole.

Here Is What People From Around The World Keep In Their Fridge – Rent Guarantor

UK Guarantor has questioned 12 students from 12 different countries to find out what they keep in the fridge. As they all started their universities and will live with their new flatmates, it’s interesting to see what “surprising” items students could be getting ready to find in their fridge when living with other students (like Nasal drops in Nigeria, I mean, what???!)

The Most Entrepreneurial Countries In The World – Latona’s

From central business districts to small start-ups, the world is full of innovative individuals determined to start their own companies. But which countries are leading the way when it comes to entrepreneurship and which countries are the most fearless and innovative when it comes to starting a business? Latona’s has analysed data from The Global Entrepreneur Monitor to find out.

The 7 Most Beautiful Train Stations In South America

While South America is an exotic destination for many, they have a rich history of 20th-century architecture best highlighted in many of their historic train stations throughout the region. We did some research and rounded up seven of our favorites and illustrated them in this article.

12 Easy Ways To Relax (And Why It’s So Important For Your Back) – Back On Site

Being able to relax and unwind has many benefits to your health and well-being but one of the often overlooked benefits is that relaxation can help reduce pain, especially if you suffer from a bad back. Back On Site has 12 easy ways you can relax and live a pain-free life.

The Freelancer Loneliness Survey – The Viking Blog

While working for yourself on your own time and in your own space may seem an attractive job situation for some, it’s not rose-tinted all the time. In Viking’s new study into work loneliness and stress, 64% of freelancers say they regularly feel lonely due to their work, causing them to feel stressed and depressed. Compare this with only 30% of office based workers feeling depressed as a result of their job.

How Do Car Names We Know, Translate In Other Languages? – Chipex UK

Knowing the origins of car brands is quite fascinating and helps us understand why the particular title was given. In light of this, Chipex has stepped in to offer a list of car brands and their origins which will give your readers a good insight into how these companies got their names.

How To: Create The Ultimate Home Office – Room for Inspo

There are many reasons why you might want or need to work from home, and each of these reasons comes with very different requirements. Whether you are looking for an occasional use or an every day use office for example. The one thing that is the same throughout, is that you will certainly need a space that fits your own practical & style needs. This article covers how you can make yourself the ultimate home office without sacrificing productivity.

7 Hacks To Make Your Open Office More Private – Impact Signs

Once created to foster open communication and rebel against the drudgery of depressing cubicles, there has recently been just as much backlash against open offices. But with enough creativity, you can find the best of both worlds to foster both communication and privacy in an open office plan. researched high and low to find seven of our favorite solutions for making the open office a bit more productive.

Graduate Wage Chart: Degrees That Will Earn You The Most Money After Graduating Revealed

AppJobs has analysed UK government data from the Department of Education to reveal the lowest, average and highest prospective salary for each university subject during the first five years of graduation, as well as looking at the top-earning universities by subject. Business & Management is the degree with the most earnings potential, with the top salary sitting at a staggering £144,000

Health Effects Of Red Wine – The Good & Bad – Many Eats

As as lover of red wine, I’m always interested in reading articles that let me know how good it is for me. They guys over at ManyEats have put together an interesting resource that tells you everything you need to know about the health benefits of red wine – chin, chin!

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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