Weekly Round-Up #288: Marketing, Sleep & Hobbies

Weekly Round-Up #288: Marketing, Sleep & Hobbies


This week we take a look as some marketing techniques you can use to grow your business – from Adwords and Audio marketing to making your own website, how much sleep you (ideally) need and how you can start a new hobby (and why that’s a really good thing to do)

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Hello! Welcome to this week’s round-up. I hope you have had a safe, fun and productive week.

This week we take a look as some marketing techniques you can use to grow your business – from Adwords and Audio marketing to making your own website, how much sleep you (ideally) need and how you can start a new hobby (and why that’s a really good thing to do)

Sitelink Extensions: Critical Do’s And Don’ts For Success – Blue Water Marketing

When it comes to successful AdWords campaigns, sitelink extensions are the most versatile, powerful option at your disposal. After all, they can be used on any device, on accounts of all verticals, and they can say almost anything you can think of. Adding sitelinks boosts the average CTR on an ad by 10-20% so they are an important tool in ensuring you reach your customers. Check out this article from Blue Water Marketing to find out why sitelinks are so important and how you can implement them for your ad campaign.

13 Best Website Builders Of 2021 – sitecentre

Every business owner will find website builders useful in building an online presence for their newly set-up business.

With a variety of templates to choose from to suit your business, they are the next best alternative to custom-built websites, which allow you to personalise every component and stand-out from your competitors.

Closeup of a door lock with a key in it and a house-shaped keyring
Your home is your castle, and you want to do everything that you can to ensure that it is as protected as it possibly can be. There are plenty of actions that you can take to keep your property well looked after, and we will be discussing a few of...

It’s not easy to choose the best website builder from the list of excellent site builders available today. That’s why SiteCentre have put together this comprehensive guide, where they round-up the 13 best website builders in detail. We’ll provide you with their features, costs and the pros and cons of each website builder to help you make an informed decision.

Audio Marketing: From Radio To Clubhouse – Transcription Outsourcing

For the past decade video and image-focused media have been the RAGE. However, in the past year alone, audio has stepped into the spotlight. We took a dive into data and surveys around audio marketing and the findings are phenomenal. Listening audiences are some of the most loyal and diverse, but that’s just a small part of the benefits listening audiences offer for marketing strategies focused on audio.

The Most Popular Feel-Good Songs – The Body Shop

The Body Shop reveal that Google searches for ‘manifestation methods’ have increased 15,492% in the past year alone, after the wellness trend gained a whole lot of traction across TikTok and Instagram.

By definition: ‘manifestation’ originates from the Latin ‘manifestare’ or ‘make public’. This method suggests that through focus, we can turn our visions into reality by putting them out into the real world, or in other words, by making them ‘public’.

According to science, music has the power to help us tune into our inner focus. Strategy & Alignment Coach, Sarah Sienkiewicz says “Music can help you to tune into the frequency of how you will feel when you have manifested what you’d like to attract”. From earning our riches, being successful, to finding love and living a happy life, the soundtrack behind our manifestations is key. To find out which songs are best to listen to for manifesting your dreams, The Body Shop has delved into 1,000 user-created Spotify playlists around ‘manifestation’, highlighting the most popular tracks.

Sleep Needs By Age And Gender – Start Sleeping

COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lifestyles with 33% of workers still consistently working from home. It has helped families stay safer and closer, but the sleep schedules of many people have been turned upside down. Some researchers consider the lack of sleep that many people get to be at epidemic levels, and the StartSleeping team is addressing its negative effects on our sleep cycles with their new guide.

A Full Guide On How To Start A New Hobby – Sewing Is Awesome

A hobby can be defined as ‘an activity or interest pursued pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation’. Nowadays, too many people are so focused on their work schedule that they neglect their downtime and don’t take full advantage of it.

Working too much can be stressful, leading to a number of different health issues. We need to learn to accept the fact that not everything we do has to concern our career. Don’t get us wrong – bettering your career is important too, but life is all about balance.

In this article, SewingIsAwesome.com looks at everything you need to know before starting a new hobby, from the benefits to the different types that you could choose from. So, if you’re ready to get out of that slump and pick up a new hobby, check out this article.

Why Procrastination Can Help Fuel Creativity – BBC

There’s strong evidence that creative insights need time to percolate – and that the right amount of distraction may be key to innovation.

Psychologists seem to agree with strong evidence that creative insights are much more likely to occur after a period of “incubation” – in which you focus on something entirely different from the job at hand, while your brain works away behind the scenes. This could include taking a walk, doing household chores or having a shower. Even our procrastination at work – such as watching funny YouTube videos – may be helpful for our problem solving, provided it is done in moderation.

Tiktok Trends – Dr. Oetker

While we may have all spent a lot more time indoors recently, that’s meant one thing for budding bakers – plenty of time to whip up a storm in the kitchen!

One major source of inspiration for fun food and drink ideas this year has been TikTok. The online video platform has seen people sharing all manner of exciting recipes, from cakes and cookies to everything in between! Whether you’re a beginner who wants to perfect the basics or you’re keen to go all-out with some truly creative – and delicious – bakes, you’ll find plenty of sweet and savoury trends to try yourself at home.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

Keen to stay ahead of the curve with your baking? Dr. Oetker has compiled a list of the hottest baking trends on TikTok, as well as some of our their own personal favourites – I have to admit I am surprised not to see banana or sourdough bread on the list!

Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog – Dog Blog

As well as the fun side of things, owning a dog can offer you some pretty significant benefits regarding your health. As well as offering top-rate guard-dog duties to ensure their human’s safety at all times, they also want their owners to be happy and healthy so that they can have the best relationship and go on the most exciting adventures together for a long, long time to come.

The health benefits associated with owning a dog are multifaceted. People have started to take mental health a lot more seriously in recent years, so there’s been more research into how to affect your mental health in a positive way. Owning a dog has been one of the things that have shown up repeatedly in these discussions, and there have been many studies into how dogs have a positive impact on your mental health. Read this article to find out how a dog can improve your health and well-being – and remember two important points: 1) Adopt don’t shop – there are so many wonderful animals in shelter that would be so grateful of a forever home and 2) Only consider getting any pet if you feel you have the time and energy to look after them properly, they’re not a fashion accessory and require a lot more care (and money) than you may realise.

Which TV Show Really Is The Best Ever? – CableCompare.com

TV is a frequent topic of conversation. “Are you watching any good shows?” is a regular conversation starter. It always seems that if we talk about TV long enough, we wind up having the “what’s your favourite?” or “what’s the best show ever?” conversation.

Naturally, once this topic is introduced, things can get intense. People are serious about their TV, and they will defend their favorite shows to no end. Of course, everyone is also different, so hardly anyone can agree on what really is the best show ever…. Until now.

CableCompare got tired of all the debate and wanted to settle the score once and for all, so they took a new approach and tried to figure out which show is “the best.” So check out their article to see if you agree with their picks or let them know if they have missed something out.

6 Tips For Rennovating Your Home Economically – Our Good Life

Are you comfortable with the current state of your house? House renovation can restore the beauty and comfort of your house. Renovation is relatively cheap as compared to starting a project from scratch. When carrying out a home renovation project, it is always crucial to view the renovation as a business plan.

You can hire a professional or carry the project on your own, based on its magnitude and your budget. Cost is crucial when developing a renovation plan. Additionally, it is essential to create a strategic plan before commencing the process.

The following article from Our Good Life showcases some ideas you can apply to renovate your house both economically and beautifully.

What Is Behavioral Segmentation? – Apteo

One of the first things you learn as a marketer is that segmentation is the cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy. When we think of market segmentation, we usually first consider demographics and descriptive attributes about our audience, which is certainly important—they help us paint a picture of our ideal customer and buyer personas, which are key to branding and messaging.

But descriptive segmentation in this way isn’t the only option. There’s a way to understand not only who your audience is, but also how they interact with your e-commerce business, which opens doors for highly personalized and targeted marketing opportunities.

This type of segmentation is behavioural segmentation, a unique category of marketing segmentation, and this guide from Apeto will help you define and apply to your e-commerce business.

Fire Safety Guide And Fire Prevention Tips – Choose Energy

House fires are among the most common disasters in the United States. In fact, about 27 percent of all fires in the U.S. occur in residential homes, and according to the National Fire Protection Association, residential fires are the leading cause of fire-related deaths each year.

Woman smiling at colleague while using computer
Many of us use our laptops or computers every day, for work and for pleasure, but when was the last time you thought about cleaning it? A study published by Which? magazine found that the average computer keyboard is home to more bacteria than the average toilet seat and in...

There are many ways to ensure your home is protected from a fire and practising prevention methods and following fire safety procedures listed in this article can help you keep your home safe and fire-free.

Have A Great Week

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next time, Stay Productive!

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