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Weekly Round-Up #258: Don’t Work In Bed, Be Productive At Home & Stop Being Hard On Yourself

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Weekly Round-Up #258: Don’t Work In Bed, Be Productive At Home & Stop Being Hard On Yourself

Welcome to this week’s round-up, I hope you’ve had a relaxed and productive week.

This week we take a look at something I’m extremely guilty of – working in bed. In fact, I’m doing it now and according to the “Sleep Matters Club”, it’s something I really shouldn’t be doing (whoops!)

With that in mind, we’ve got some other great working from home tips from how we should really be measuring productivity, to what desk you should be using to digital detoxing – if you’re still working from home you’ll be super-productive in no time!

And finally, do you suffer from cognative distortion? It’s the feeling that what you’re doing, producing or achieving isn’t good enough and while the article we feature centres around music production, it contains some great advice and tips that you can adapt to other professions.

How Working In Bed Affects Your Productivity – The Sleep Matters Club

The occasional duvet day is a welcome break from a humdrum week of working 9-5. But what happens when your work is based in your bedroom and the line between sleep and slog becomes blurred? A recent study by Ascenti looked into the nation’s working from home habits during lockdown. According to the findings, only 27% of the UK workforce had ever worked from home before this pandemic. Even more surprisingly, people are now more likely to work from their bed rather than a desk, with 56% of UK workers doing this. The only more popular place is the sofa. To see whether this working from bed trend is helping or hindering us, Dreams looks into expert advice on how working from your bed affects your productivity, as well as your mental and physical health.

I'm not talking about the "Dead Zone" as an episode of the Walking Dead (although that would be a cool title I think) but rather an area of time where nothing is done but could be filled by something useful no matter how insignificant that "something" seems. Recently, for some...

Working From Home Impacting SME Productivity – The Business Magazine

The productivity of 67% of the UK’s workforce is being impacted by working from home and the coronavirus, concludes a new poll for a report for Hampshire-based Onecom, the UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider. With millions still working from home, the study investigated the impact of the virus and remote working on businesses and surveyed 1,000 workers at UK small and medium-sized businesses who have worked from home since the lockdown was announced.

Working From Home: Productivity Secrets From A CEO – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

There are many people who are working from home for the first time and countless people whose schedules have been completely disrupted since the pandemic started. You don’t need to feel like you should be learning a new language or reading The Complete Works Of Shakespeare but you do need to feel as though you’re accomplishing something and the way to do this is routine which Ramit Sethi covers in the in-depth article about working from home and perfecting your routine.

10 Work From Home Desks To Boost Your Productivity – Lifehack

The year 2020 has officially emerged as the year for working from home. Having a personal workspace is extremely important and many professionals believe that it leads to improvement in performance. Regular tables and furniture are usually not suitable for office work because they are accessible to everyone and do not allow you to work in your own space. For this reason, Lifehack have compiled a list of some of the best work from home desks with which you can restart your working routine and enjoy the privilege of working from home.

The Right Way To Measure Productivity (And Why It’s Harder Than It Seems) – Scott H Young

How do you measure productivity? Do you base it on the number of hours an employee works? Their output of work? The quality of their work? It’s an interesting question that Scott H Young takes a look at which will hopefully make you question just exactly what productivity is in your organisation.”

8 Ways A Digital Detox Will Increase Your Productivity – Addicted 2 Success

Being constantly connected it draining both mentally and physically. Luckily, there’s an easy way to kick your productivity levels back into high gear – a digital detox. A digital detox can mean anything from completely restricting access to all electronic devices, to simply taking a few hours off of Twitter. To do your own digital detox, simply identify a social platform or device that eats up your attention and abstain from it for as long as you can.

Apple iPad Pro (2020) Review: Still The Best Tablet – Android Authority

There are tablets and there is the iPad. Apple’s iPad is a workhorse, a gaming platform, a social distancing portal, and is a breeze for most anyone to use. The 2020 Apple iPad Pro is the most powerful version of the fruit company’s slate-style machines, and the fresh hardware heralds new productivity powers. In the Android Authority Apple 2020 iPad Pro review, they assess whether or not it is the tablet for those already steeped wholly in Google’s ecosystem.

From Passion To Profit

200+ Bucket List Ideas For Retirement –

Planning how you’ll spend your days post-career can help you maintain your mental and emotional health, renew your social connections and navigate relationship challenges. You don’t even necessarily need to wait for retirement to try these out either – so (global pandemic permitting) get on out there and try something new today!”

Waterfall Or Agile? Do Both! – TCGen Inc.

“Agile and Waterfall development processes are like oil and water. They don’t mix.” The myths about Agile generally come from those who aren’t students of the discipline but merely observers from the side. They’re correct that a rigid application of Agile software techniques within a hardware development project would break down quickly. However, when modified for the unique characteristics of hardware design and manufacturing there are key elements of Agile that allow teams to gain the speed, predictability and product definition advantages that their software counterparts enjoy.

Color Theory For Painting Made Simple – MostCraft

One of the most important aspects of being an artist is understanding and using color in your paintings. Unfortunately, mixing and selecting your own colors can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner or aspiring painter. Color theory for painting is quite complex, but that doesn’t mean it has to be intimidating. In this guide, we’ll go over all the essentials you need in order to apply color theory effectively in your paintings.”

7 Essential Ways: How To Raise Credit Score By 200 Points – CreditReps

To boost your credit score by 200 points is possible. All you need is a game plan that you commit to executing in a realist timeframe. All in all, it depends on your situation. Some credit professionals will say it can be done in 2 months, maybe even 3 months. The time will vary, but what you should never aim for a month. This article gives you 7 ways you can start building your credit score which will help you get access to better loan and mortgage rates amongst other things.

How To Create An Online Course [Beginners Guide] – Online Course How

So, you’ve got an idea to make an online course but you’re not sure where to start?. It can fe?el pretty overwhelming,? and ?if you’re not careful you might just abandon the whole idea. Don’t do that though – creating an online course is one of the best ways to create a successful online business. This ?in-depth guide from Online Course How, aimed specifically?y at beginners, will walk you through all of the ?steps ?and show you how to create ?an online course.

Battling Cognitive Distortions As A Music Producer (A Psychologist’s Take) – Producer Hive

If you’re in the creative industries – whether that be design, music, writing, art etc. you may think that your work isn’t good enough, that it’s somehow lacking something but you’re not quite sure what. You’re not alone in this, the doubt and fear I felt when I released by first single “Keep The Feeling” was almost palpable. The reason for this? It’s a phenomenon called Cognetive Dissonance and this fantastic article from Producer Hive goes over what Cognative Dissonance is, why we feel it and how we can start to overcome it.

Red British phone box
Man sets a world record for using a mobile phone.

20 Amazing Health And Environmental Benefits Of Cycling And E-Biking – BoxerCycles

You might be thinking about losing weight, maybe you want to shave some time off your commute by using a bike lane instead of being stuck in traffic or maybe you want to cut your carbon footprint down – whatever the reason now is a great time to look at getting back into biking. Not convinced> Boxer Cycles has come up with 20 benefits of cycling that you might not have considered.

Have A Great Week

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next time, Stay Productive!

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