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Weekly Round-Up #318: 3D Printing, Home Office Productivity & Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

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Weekly Round-Up #318: 3D Printing, Home Office Productivity & Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Welcome to this week’s round-up, I hope you’ve had a fun and productive week.

This week we take a look at some of the weird and wonderful things that can be made with a 3D printer, we have some home office tips and stats that may help you become more comfortable and productive at home and, for when the inevitable happens (and it will, look at the past 2 years), we have a guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

15 Weirdest 3D Printed Things – UPrinting

It seems you can 3D print anything these days, from toys and medical equipment to houses and office buildings, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

But what are the weirdest things anyone has ever 3D printed? Don’t worry! UPrinting has put together a list to answer all your questions.

How To Paint A Door – Step-By-Step Guide – Happy DIY Home

Money is a bit tight at the moment for a lot of people and you might not have much money available for a new front door. If your door’s looking a bit tired and worn and you can’t replace it, a simple lick of paint can work wonders. But how do you paint it?

Happy DIY Home have a step-by-step guide to giving your door a new lease of life, from the equipment you need and choosing the right paint to how to prep the door, this guide has you covered.

20+ Headphone Statistics Savvy Buyers Need To Know – Shokz

It seems that every day there’s a new brand or type of headphone popping up on the market. In ear, over ear, wireless, wired, the choices are endless and confusing.

This article from Shokz has some interesting facts about headphones (or should that be earphones? Don’t worry, they explain the difference), how loud they should be and what the important specifications are.

The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Home Office Setup And Boost Your Productivity –

Many companies have now moved to either full-time working from home or some form of hybrid/remote working.

Many people may still be struggling with setting up a home office that suits their needs, so what are the important things you need to consider? has some great tips on how you can make your home office work for you.

The Evolution Of The Work From Home Office – CompareTheMarket

Sticking with home offices, CompareTheMarket have some interesting facts on how home offices have changed – with a particular focus on how things have moved on since the pandemic, and some of the stats may surprise you.

Your Ultimate Dream Home Based On Your Star Sign – Martin&Co

If you’re thinking about a new home, how much do you think your star sign affects your choice of property?

According to Martin&Co you can use your star sign to choose your dream home – I checked mine and I’m not too sure I agree with it, check yours out and let me know if you agree in the comments below.

Empowered To Speak Out – BoltBurdenKemp

It can be difficult to seek justice, help or support at your most vulnerable. When traumatic events happen, the shock and distress can be overwhelming. And, while there may be help out there, many people in Britain feel there are too many barriers to getting legal support.

BBK’s recent survey uncovers what might be preventing people from speaking up when they’ve faced injustice, abuse or mistreatment, as well as who they are willing to turn to. Read on for Britain’s take on these topics, and the resources that can help.

Advert Images Vs. Real Life –

We all know that advertising companies use tricks to make products look appealing in ads. From mixing cheese with glue to give that stringy mozarella perfection when a pizza slice is pulled out of a box, or the clever use of lighting, the fast food we pick up usually bears to resemlance to the glossy adverts we see on TV, billboards and online.

So what do consumers really think about these adverts and how much would they pay for reality versus the advertised product?

Best 48 Freelance Programming Sites In 2022 – Developers For Hire

Everyone has probably needed to hire a programmer at some point. Whether it’s updating the company website, modifying an app to fit your needs, creating a new app for mobile to keep your customers connected programming seems to be ubiquitous these days.

But where do you go to find a programmer? Developers For Hire has put together a list of 48 sites where you can hire a freelance programmer and lists their pros and cons. This allows you to find the best site to fit your needs and could save you time and money.

The Complete Guide To Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse – Toolstation

We all know the zombie apocalypse is just around the corner and you probably think you’re able to survive thanks to watching a couple of seasons of “*The Walking Dead”, but would you really survive?

In case you need a refresher course, or you’re new to the zombie survival game Toolstation has a handy guide listing all the items you’ll need to survive and ensure you don’t become zombie fodder.

Have A Great Week

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next time, Stay Productive!

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