Weekly Round-Up #262: The Impact Of Old Tech, Job Search Time Management & Interview Attire

Weekly Round-Up #262: The Impact Of Old Tech, Job Search Time Management & Interview Attire


This week we take a look at the impact that the technology we use has on the enviroment, time management strategies when you’re searching for a job and what to wear when you snag your interview.

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Welcome to this week’s round-up, I hope you have had a fun and productive week.

This week we take a look at the impact that the technology we use has on the enviroment, time management strategies when you’re searching for a job and what to wear when you snag your interview.

13 Best (And Effective) Ways On How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety – Great Big Minds

Learning how to relieve stress and anxiety on a daily basis can make the difference between surviving and thriving in a challenging situation. It is important to acknowledge, however, that not all human stressors are created equally. A manageable level of stress and anxiety is actually good for you. Short-term stress can motivate you to achieve particular goals, boost your immune system and improve blood circulation. So, how do you learn to manage your stress and anxiety? Great Big Minds takes a look at this important tool.

26+ Game-Changing Gig Economy Statistics – TeamStage

Technology advancement has opened new ways to make and spend money. Finding temporary work is easier than ever, and your next freelance engagement is often just a few clicks away. The workforce across all industries has started recognizing the benefits of joining the gig economy but there are still some concerns and issues that need to be addressed. TeamStage have compiled these essential gig economy statistics, to provide an insight into the benefits and risks of having a flexible, temporary, or freelance job, along with useful information on the freelance industry trends.

Tech Junk – The Impact Of Technology On The Environment – RS Components

RS Components has created a GIF revealing the total amount of tech junk produced over the past 10 years, to highlight the growing issue that is non-recycled technology and electronics. Electronic waste from old, unused mobile phones, laptops and other electronics, known as e-waste, is said to have become the fastest-growing global refuse stream over the past few years.

6 Tips For A More Productive Hiring Process
Recruiting new talent is an essential and inevitable part of running a business. You may have launched your venture alone, but, with any luck, your business will eventually reach a point where the workload is too high for you to deal with it on your own. When this time comes,...

The Ultimate Guide To Online Learning Tools – RingCentral

Online learning, once a niche subset of higher and continuing education, has come to the fore in recent months thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to UNESCO, over 1.3 billion students worldwide couldn’t physically attend school or university in March 2020 due to lockdown. This has led to many students and education providers migrating the classroom online, adopting new online learning tools, and quickly trying to adapt to distance learning.

Find Your Happiness In Helping Others – Fresh Big Bang

We have always heard that helping others makes you happier and increases your well-being. You have probably experienced it, and it feels great. When you do good you feel released from stress. It is like a boost of happiness. The best part is that science has proven it to be true. Helping others stimulates the same areas of the brain that are activated by sex and food.

Why Mental Models Are The Most Useful Things To Learn – Productive Headspace

Mental models are thinking tools and concepts that help you make better decisions. Without mental models, the world is just an utterly complex mess where decision making is just pure guesswork. Mental models simplify complex scenarios. When these scenarios are simplified, you see the problem or situation much clearer. In fact, you see them so clearly that you can confidently make the decision that is more likely to yield the best outcome. Life is just a bunch of scenarios where you have to make decisions. With mental models, you have a tool to become a master at the most important activity humans engage in – decision making.

12 Time Management Strategies For Staying On Top Of Your Job Search – Resume-Now

Whether you’re a recent grad, looking for a new gig or newly unemployed, it’s time to sit down and weigh out tangible next steps. Luckily, there’s a few time management strategies you can leverage to make that corner office just a little closer in the coming months. Priorities and personalities vary, and so should time management tactics. Consider your personality type, then match it to one of the 12 time management strategies in this article from Resume Now.

What To Wear To A Job Interview – Magoosh

Finding the right attire for a job interview can be stressful. At some point in your life, someone has probably told you to “dress to impress” or “dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” But what do these sayings actually mean? What specific items can you choose to make a good impression at your next job interview? Truthfully, the type of clothes you should wear will largely depend on the type of job you want. However, you shouldn’t rely on this alone. Dress codes can differ from one company to another, even if these companies are hiring for the same position. Many organizations use specific terminology to dictate how you should dress for your job interview.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

Productivity Benchmarks Report 2020 – Hubstaff

How can you foster a culture of productivity in your organization? How productive is your team compared to the average? Hubstaff created this report to find out and it gives a great insight into when people are the most porductive.

Be Your Best Self: The Guide To Personal Development – Groom+Style

For many people, personal development feeds on personal ambition. Such a model centers personal development around growth and skill attainment to break down obstacles, think positively, and accomplish goals. However, this is not the only pathway for personal development. Others choose to develop skills in order to fill needs, such as physical strength and comfort, self-expression, social poise, and community development. In this article, Groom+Style looks at what personal development is, why it’s important and how you can develop yourself.

Growing Your Twitter Followers With Twitter Threads – Twiends

Twitter threads are a valuable tactic to use within your Twitter strategy because they can generate a lot more interest than a regular one-off tweet. Many Twitter threads generate hundreds or even thousands of likes and retweets, increasing the chances that you’ll reach new audience members, grow your following and see more engagement. This is because a good Twitter thread that starts off with an enticing intro tweet can grab (and keep) an audience’s attention way better than a single tweet that leads to a link off of the platform and onto an external website. This article from Twiend ahows you just a few ways that creating Twitter threads can help to improve your presence and grow your Twitter followers.

The Future Fashion Capitals Of The World – Curry’s Tech Talk

London, Paris, Milan and New York may be the ‘big four’ of the fashion world, but with growing investment in the industry beyond these four mighty pillars, other cities are starting to move up the fashion ranks. With expert insights from Justine Tabak, designer and founder of an eponymous sustainable fashion brand, paired with factors such as fashion schools and events, the world’s top fashion cities have been identified.

Every Parent’s To-Do List To Protect Kids Online – PC Liquidations

Exposing kids to the internet and technology at an early age has been the subject of debate among parents, guardians, educators, and the general public. On the good side, kids pick up information and skills, given the wealth of learning resources. The not-so-good or dark side is that they can come across content inappropriate for their age, or they can get into bad company. This guide from PC Liquidations aims to help parents identify risks associated with their children’s internet usage and come up with effective and adequate solutions for the kids’ safety and security in this virtual environment.

Employee Hacks: 15 Ways to Stay Productive After a Night of Partying
We’ve all been there. Maybe it was unintended, but the evening turned into a long night of partying Now the alarm is screaming at you, and you need to drag your unwilling body out of bed and into the office. In this article Kathy Gallo helps you prepare to be...

15 Personal Development Blogs You Might Not Know About – MorningUpgrade.com

If you’re looking for some personal development blogs you might not have heard of, Ryan over at MorningUpgrade.com has put together a list of 15 blogs to check out – well, technically it’s 14 as we’re included!

Have A Great Week

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

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