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Weekly Round-Up #160: Goals, Goal And More Goals

Weekly Round-Up #160: Goals, Goal And More Goals

Weekly Round-Up #160: Goals, Goal And More Goals

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we decided to stop procrastinating thanks to some great advice and concentrate on achieving our goals, managing remote teams and scheduling appointments efficiently.

Top 17 Women’s Health Blogs Of 2018 – Resuable Menstrual Cups

Don’t be put off by the website’s title (althoug you should totally check out reusable menstral cups as they’re good for you and the environment) their article on Women’s health bloggers is really worth checking out (even if you’re not a woman!)

The 17 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps – Zapier

If you’re constantly going back and forth trying to find a suitable time to meet then you can save yourself a lot of time with an appointment scheduling app. They take the hassle out of arranging meeting by allowing you to set your availabily so people can pick an acceptable slot. If you’re not sure which one to go for then Zapier has rounded up the 17 best and given an easy to use breakdown of their functionality and cost so you can choose the right one for your needs.

How To Accomplish Your Top Goals – Marc Guberti

If you’re starting to struggle with the goals you set for the coming year then Marc has some great tips for getting you back on the path to success. They won’t take a lot of time to implement but they could make huge improvements to your productivity and outlook.

A Helpful Guide To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – Becoming Minimalist

It’s very easy for us to compare ourselves to others – we see their sucesses and wonder why we aren’t in the same job, earning the same money or have a wonderful spouse. Whilst a little bit of competition is healthy, dwelling on the apparent success of other can be very bad for our self-esteem and we need to stop (even if, according to Joshua Becker, one of them is our twin!)

Three Habits That Instantly Drives You To Success In Life – Mind Your Body Soul – Mind Your Body Soul

If you want to be successful, Mind Your Body Soul give you three habits to help you achieve what you want. Although they give you 3 habits, each habit is split into several sub-parts to help you work on specific aspects of the habits to make them even easier to achieve.

The 15 Best Ways To Use Evernote – Make Use Of

You might think that Evernote is a simple note-taking app but it’s much more than that. It can be used as a project management tool, recipe index, journal and much more. If you’re looking for a digital organisation tool and have discounted Evernote, check out Make Use Of’s post to give you some great ideas on how you can use Evernote to get organised.

10 Strategies To Make More Time For Your Side Hustle – Redefining Mom®

Redefining Mom® is aimed at working Mums but I think the advice in this article is relevant to anyone who wants to start a business for themselves but has other commitments such as a family or full time job (or both). We all have limited time and have to be careful about stretching ourselves too thinly or not fulfiling current commitments and there’s some great advice here to help you manage everything without getting too stressed.

5 Totally Doable Time-Management Strategies To Accomplish Your Goals – Greatist

Sticking with goals, according to Greatist, it can actually be productive for you to procrastinate – Yeay! Bring on the cat videos! They give you 5 tips to help you achieve the goals that you may have been putting off for a while.

This Project Management Technique Is More Than A Productivity Hack – Forbes

Quite often we see “fad” productivity tips that look good but when you go beyond the surface they lack substance. Whilst this method has substance, I’m not convinced that you can call it a producivity technique as I think it’s more of a project management tool but if you’re working on a complex task that needs to be broken down into a series of sub-tasks it’s worth taking a look at, you can also check out creating Gantt charts in Excel.

7 Secrets Of People Who Are Always On Time – Huffington Post

As someone who suffers from chronic lateness (sorry everyone!) I do take an interest in any tips I can find about time keeping. I do try my best (honest) and I’m not late to be rude it’s just my internal chronometer seems to be about 10 minutes out from everyone elses’! I’ll be taking the tips in this article on board so hopefully I’ll be able to improve over the next few months.

Productivity Tips – 2018 Edition – Den Delimarsky

There are some interesting tips from Dan Delimarsky in this article, I find his tips on managing email particularly interesting, I’m a big fan of filters for keeping your inbox clear and Den has some tips for setting up some simple filters to put your emails into your inbox or a “catch-all” folder.

Map Any Key To Any Key On Windows 10, 8, 7, Or Vista – How To Geek

I recently bought a new keyboard and mouse* and a couple of the keys were in the wrong place for my “muscle memory”. Using SharpKeys you can remap almost any key on your keyboard to another. It may look a bit daunting but the How To Geek article breaks the process down into easy-to-understand steps.

Tips For Successful Outsourcing To Boost Productivity – Business2Community

In our previous links about achieving goals, some of them have suggested hiring an assistant to help with tasks and free up your time for other things. If you’re looking at going down this route then the B2C website has some tips on how to determine if you need to outsource, what to outsource and how to manage the process as effectively as possible.

5 Ways To Use Technology To Improve Workplace Productivity – Technology Advice

If you have teams that need to interact with others across different sites (or continents), manage their tasks and their time then Technology Advice has some great tools to help your team get on top of their projects.

Science Explains How The Beach Can Change Our Brains And Mental Health – Lifehack

I don’t know about you but there is something about the beach that I find super-relaxing, if fact one of the reasons I chose the University I did (apart from the fact the course was excellent) was that it was by the sea. Apparently there’s a way that a trip to the beach can help our mental health, and it’s probably why we find sounds of the ocean can send us off to sleep too.

When To Take Annual Leave In 2018 To Get The Most Days Off Work – HuffPost UK

If you’re in the UK and have a pretty flexible holiday schedule then check out this article from the Huffington post that helps you get the most out of your available holiday – and still leave you plenty for the rest of the year.

The Case For Using A Paper Planner – New York Times

If you’re not convinced that a paper planner can keep you organised then the New York Times makes a compelling argument in the case for paper over technology – less distractions and more flexibility are just two of the reasons that can tip the scales in paper’s favour.

21 Hella Cheap Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive – Buzzfeed

If your bathroom has seen better days, you don’t need to rip it all out and spend a fortune on a new suite, tiles and flooring. Buzzfeed has put together 21 easy ways to make your bathroom look refined and elegant that won’t break the bank.

Excuse Me, Have You Tried Bullet Journals? – Tanya Twerdowsky

If your Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of people showing off their oh-so-perfect bullet journal spreads and you’ve just about had enough then Tanya Twerdowsky knows what you’re going through! In a light-hearted look at the pressure put on wannabe bullet journallers she covers all of the initial thoughts of fear, dread and confusion you may have.

If you’re still interested in learning how to bullet journal then you can read my Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journaling here or sign-up to my newsletter to receive a PDF copy.

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How To Overcome Severe Procrastination – My Personal Story – NJ Lifehacks

I’ve put off writing this description for some time…Ha! Just kidding. As we’ve seen in an article above, procrastination can have its uses but if you procrastinate too much it becomes a massive problem. If you’re wondering how you can get out of the procrastination funk then NJ Lifehacks has an explanation of the procrastination warning signs and what to do about them.

25 Things That’ll Help You Wake Up Earlier In 2018 – Buzzfeed

Just as I’m not a timely person, I’m also not a morning person (hey, we can’t all be perfect, right?!). I highly recommend a programmable coffee maker (here’s the updated version of mine*) and once I’m off my “No Spend” month I’ll definitely get an insulated tumbler (I have a water bottle but obviously it heats up overnight). With these great products you’ll have no excuse to get up in the morning from now on!

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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