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Weekly Round-Up #113: Improve Your Social Skills, Why You Need To Take Breaks and Set Your Writing Goals

Weekly Round-Up #113: Improve Your Social Skills, Why You Need To Take Breaks And Set Your Writing Goals

Weekly Round-Up #113: Improve Your Social Skills, Why You Need To Take Breaks and Set Your Writing Goals

In this week’s round up we take a look at how you can improve your social skills, the importance of breaks to productivity and a new App that can help you realise your writing goals,

18 Scientific Reasons Why the Work Week Should Be Shorter – Net Credit

Did you know that the current work we we run to dates back to the days of Henry Ford – yup, we’re still running on a system that’s almost 100 years old! This interesting infographic from Net Credit shows you the benefits of a shorter working week, including allowing people to get more done!

Social Skills Part 1 : Understand How People Think – The Intellect

This is the first part of a series of posts on interacting with others in various social situations. We all have to deal with people whether we like it or now, some of us can get along with others easily but for others it may be daunting. In this series Rafik breaks down social interactions and how you can get better at them. You can read Part 2: “Here’s How People Really Judge You” here and Part 3: “How To Make a Good First Impression” here.

The Right Margin – Goal Driven Writing

This looks to be an interesting idea for those of you who have a longer-form written project such as a thesis or a book – or if you’re considering taking part in this year’s NaNoWriMo. You set your goals for your writing and then assign due dates to each goal, if you miss a date then Right Margin prompts you and asks if you want to move your milestones and you can see a nifty timeline of your progress. There’s a free 14 day trial and prices are from $5.99/month after or you can back the Right Margin Indegogo campaign.

Create a Personal Mission Statement for the Life YOU Want – The Productive Physician

We often hear about a company having a mission statement, or we’re asked to provide one for our role at work so why not have a personal one as well? In this article Mark takes a look at what a personal mission statement is and why they’re important (and there’s a Dilbert cartoon too so what’s not to like!)

Brain9D: First all-in-one Brain Health Platform – Brain9D

Launching their Indegogo Campaign on Monday 6th March, this app looks at your mental health through a variety of questionnaires, uses facial recognition to analyse your emotional status and provide a way to track your stress levels.

Editors Note: I would always recommend seeking medical advice if you are feeling stressed or depressed – check out “How to Know If You Are Depressed and What to Do If You Are” for more advice.

How to Migrate from Evernote to OneNote – HowToGeek

Following on from my article on Organizing Downloaded Files And Bookmarks if you’re interested in using Microsoft’s OneNote now that Evernote has a 2 device limit then you can read How to migrate your Evernote data to OneNote at HowToGeek.

A Science-Backed Guide to Taking Truly Restful Breaks – 99U

Taking a rest from what you’re working on may seem like the worst thing you can do if you’re trying to get something finished but it can actually make you more productive and the guys over at 99U have the science to prove it!

Putting Tech Pay In Perspective – ECard Shack

Finally this week, take a look at what the CEO and average workers salaries are at some of the biggest tech companies. I know that the “buck stops” with the CEO, but are they really worth a whopping 1,130 times an average worker?

Have A Great Week

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s round-up. If you have an article or app you’d like to share with the Flipping Heck! audience, please contact me.

Until next time, stay productive

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