Top Tips For Dining Out On A Budget

Top Tips For Dining Out On A Budget


Whether you have a family and would like to treat them out to a meal on occasion, or even if you’re flying solo, eating out can sometimes be costly. Let’s look at some logical and handy tips for dining out and enjoying a meal when you’re on a budget.

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Whether you have a family and would like to treat them out to a meal on occasion, or even if you’re flying solo, eating out can sometimes be costly. Let’s look at some logical and handy tips for dining out and enjoying a meal when you’re on a budget.

Save Up Your Cash For A Meal Out

If you’re dining out on a budget, it likely means you cannot afford to eat out often. Therefore, you’ll have some time to put some cash away to save for a nice meal out for you and the family. While stating to save for a dinner out might seem rather obvious and mundane, many people don’t actually budget for, or put money aside for this purpose. Many of us stash cash for the electricity bill, the rent and other expenses, but not always for leisure activities.

If you only plan to eat out once a month, you can put something aside every week so you have the money you need when the time comes, without straining your budget.

Take Advantage Of Special Offers

Many Aussie restaurants will offer special meal deals. Usually, these discounted prices will be on offer during weekdays, or at earlier time slots instead of prime dining time. If your budget is tight but you want to dine out, it makes sense to try and take full advantage of any special offers your local restaurants have going. Sometimes, you might even get a half price meal or a 2 for 1 dining option.

This is smart dining and can save you a bundle while still giving you the freedom to eat out instead of cooking at home.

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Use Coupons If You Have Them

Coupons are another way you can save on meals. You might find a discount coupon online, in the mailbox in the form of a flyer, or even on the back of your grocery docket. The discount might be anywhere from 10% off and up to half price, or it could be a discount for a group booking. Coupons are always handy for saving money, so if you get any offering meal deals, they’re worth hanging onto.

Don’t Go To A Fine Dining Restaurant

While there is nothing wrong with fine dining, fine dining restaurants can be notoriously expensive. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing fine dining is often the portion sizes are small, leaving you still feeling hungry after your meal. Fine dining is fine if you have the budget for it and you’re hoping to impress someone, but if you’re more strapped for cash, you’ll want to avoid the fine dining experience, at least for the time being.

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You Don’t Have To Order Everything On The Menu

When you go out to dinner, you’re naturally feeling pretty hungry by the time you sit down to order at your chosen restaurant. It can be tempting to over-order when browsing the menu. You’ll need to resist this. Instead, try and choose meal options that offer a larger portion size, or ones that are high in protein and therefore more filling. It’s often about making smart choices.

Also, there’s no reason you have to start with an entree and finish the meal off with a dessert. You could just order a main meal. Alternatively, if you’re out to dinner with someone, you could always share an entree or dessert.

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Choose A Casual Dining Restaurant

It’s important to think about the type of restaurant you want to dine at and you can often check out their menu and prices online on their website beforehand. It was mentioned earlier to avoid a fine dining restaurant when eating out on a budget, so your best option is a casual dining restaurant. The prices are fair, the meals are great and the atmosphere is chilled and relaxed.

You can find one near you online. For example, if searching Silverwater in Sydney, try the following:

The Takeaway

Just because your budget may be tight, you can still treat yourself or your family to a meal out on occasion. It just takes a little more planning and forethought. Always take advantage of those special deals.

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