Time Management Manifesto

Time Management Manifesto

I received an email from a reader (yes, I have at least one!) requesting that I take a look at his “2Time” time management manifesto on Change This:

There is a stew of tips floating around on how to improve one’s time management skills, confusing the professional who is trying to become more productive. However, neither a professional basketball player nor a concert pianist becomes great by learning a bunch of tips.

Makes a lot of sense to me!

You can view the blurb and vote for the manifesto at ChangeThis or visit Francis’ 2Time Mgt blog – a highly recommended read!

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    “Thanks so much for the kind words and your vote!

    This whole process has been an interesting one — my first. The fact that my proposal has gotten the most votes has affirmed for me that a) I’m not crazy as “”it’s not just me”” and b) I had better deliver something worthwhile!

    I will know after Friday the 19th when voting ends, and the site owners tell me what they decide. We shall see… the only criteria they have told me thus far is that it’s based on “”popularity…””


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