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Things You Need To Do When You End Your Tenancy

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Things You Need To Do When You End Your Tenancy Staff
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Renting is becoming increasingly common, and more popular across the states, and in Europe and the UK.

According to Statista, there were 43 million properties occupied by renters in the US, in 2020. This figure has resulted from decades of renting becoming more prevalent.

Likely reasons for this include, the difficulty in getting a deposit together, and the price of a property in some regions. Some people just prefer to rent and enjoy the freedom it gives them.

Whatever the reason that you are renting, when it comes to the end of your tenancy there is plenty that you should know. Such as how to get your security deposit returned.

How Do You Ensure Your Deposit Comes Back?

According to PYMNTS, the average rent is $1400 a month in the US, and 88% of renters have to leave a security deposit with their landlord.

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A security deposit is likely to range from one month’s rent up to two. Therefore, you may have handed over thousands of dollars to your landlord. It is also more than possible that you would like that back.

To get the full security deposit back means leaving the property in rentable condition, and clean. One effective way to carry this out is to make a list.

What Should You Do When Your Tenancy Is Coming To An End?

Make an end of tenancy cleaning checklist, and include cleaning and repairs on it.

Ideally, your list will involve the following, and more:

  • Check the inventory
  • Replace missing items
  • Make repairs
  • Remove stains
  • Clean top to bottom

Check The Inventory & Replace Missing Items

When you moved in, you were probably handed an inventory for the property’s contents. You would have signed this, and you have a responsibility to ensure that all items on the inventory are still on-site, and in the same condition they were when you moved in.

If anything is missing, it will need to be replaced, or at least reported to the landlord. They may, or may not, deduct something from your deposit.

Make Repairs

If necessary, make some repairs. If you have cracked a windowpane for example, then this is your responsibility. If the carpet is more worn than when you moved in, then this is probably not your responsibility.

Natural wear and tear are not only okay, it is expected. Nonetheless, if you have caused actual damage to the property, then you are responsible to repair it.

Remove Stains And Clean Top To Bottom

You may want to consider hiring an end-of-tenancy cleaning service. There are many benefits to renting your home rather than buying, but the end of tenancy clean isn’t one of them.

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Unless you truly enjoy cleaning and have all the products to hand, you may want to use the professionals.

What Do End-Of-Tenancy Cleaners Do?

Well, for a start, they will save you time. Unless you don’t have a job to go to, you will need to take time off to clean the property.

The landlord is expecting to take control of a property that is ready to be re-let straight away. If you want your full deposit back, you need to give your landlord his property back ready to let.

A professional service will de-grease cookers, remove lime from tiles, and generally clean to a level that most people don’t. Plus they specialize in end-of-tenancy cleans so they understand what landlords are looking for.

Is It Essential To Clean The Carpets When You Leave?

This is an easy to overlook area in some ways. The carpet though is one of the most crucial parts of the property to clean.

While natural wear and tear are permitted, it could do you wonders if you cleaned the carpet properly.

Using a professional carpet cleaner will take away the dullness that has built up during your tenancy. The benefit of this is that the landlord will see this straight away and will likely be impressed. Very important when you are looking to receive a hefty security deposit back.

When Will A Security Deposit Be Returned?

If you have carried out your end-of-tenancy checklist properly, you should expect to receive most, if not all, of your security deposit back.

This must happen between 30 and 60 days after the tenancy ends. Reasons for deductions must also be provided. In the UK, renters are luckier. Their deposits are returned within 10 days, but they are subject to the same issues as US renters.

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Wrapping Up

There are many things to know when moving out of a rented property, and cleaning takes the highest priority.

To get your deposit back, make a checklist of things to do. Ensure all items on the inventory are in place, make repairs, and then clean.

If you can’t clean the property yourself, then consider hiring a professional service. Pick one that specializes in end-of-tenancy cleans so you are more likely to get your deposit returned.

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