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The Trials & Tribulations Of Starting Afresh

The Trials & Tribulations Of Starting Afresh

The Trials & Tribulations Of Starting Afresh Staff
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Sometimes life can just get a little stagnant. We find ourselves bored and desperately in search of answers to a question we haven’t even figured out. So what exactly do we do?

We can continue along the same path, or we can take some drastic action. For some of us, the only way forward is to start afresh and redesign our entire lives. Doing this can have its ups and downs. We are going to look at a few of these today, and how to tackle any bumps we may come across along the way.

New Relationship

For most of us, finding love is an inevitability. For others, there is just no desire to couple up or be a part of a partnership. For those of us that find love though, it can come with specific challenges.

What we all know by now is that love isn’t as it is depicted on TV. Starting a relationship can be a beautiful thing, but there will always be challenges ahead. The trouble with relationships is, although we all tell ourselves that we know what we are getting in to, we very rarely do. In fact, it is a game of Russian roulette.

Settling into a relationship should be a slow and blossoming procedure, speeding along and rushing into things can often reveal something that you wish you would have known about before you moved in together.

So how can we avoid these new relationship disasters? Well, it’s always a great idea to casually talk about whether or not they have been on a psychiatric hold at some point, if the answer is yes, then you could refrain from proposing.

New Job

So you have found your dream job, you have been sneaking off to interviews, and you have a start date. This is one of the most exciting times we can have in life. The new job excitement! This, of course, doesn’t come without certain risks.

Your current employer usually presents these risks. When it comes to handing in your notice, you should be as tactful and friendly as possible. I know it may not be ideal or how you saw yourself leaving the job but approaching it in the right way is vitally important.

Leaving in a manner that can be seen to cause conflict, can cause other issues. Do not forget, you still have to work your notice period, and what is more, they still have to pay your wages. With the rate of wage theft on the rise, and with employers not paying employees what they are owed, It is always best to stay on the right side of the current employer.

You should also be taking into account that most jobs will require a successful reference from your current employer before you can officially start, should your employer refuse to give this, you may find yourself unemployed and very unhappy.

New Home

The one thing that can pose more stress than anything else is moving into your brand new home.

You remember walking around this beautiful and picturesque home that was the house of your dreams, only to find on moving in day that there is a huge leak in the roof and your house now resembles Atlantis.

Owning a new home can be an exciting and scary time for anybody, and you are guaranteed to come across issues. The one thing we can do before even purchasing is to ensure the right surveys are carried out throughout the whole premises.

Some people will attempt to cut costs and reduce the number of surveys that take place before purchasing a house. In reality, this can mean the difference between a dream home and a death trap.

So the best advice that could be given here is don’t cut any corners when it comes to buying your first home and do your research.

New Car

After buying a house, a car will be the second biggest purchase that you will probably make. Unbelievably, a lot of people actually buy a car somewhat blind.

Imagine purchasing a second-hand car and not realizing it was financed, or even worse it had been shoddily repaired after a severe accident. These are things that unbelievable happen every single day.

So, avoiding this is an easy one. Find a friend that knows about cars and take them with you. Kick every tire and look under every crevice. The difference isn’t just between a good and a bad car. It eventually comes down to a safe car or an unsafe one.

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