Sync Itunes without an IPod


Sync Itunes without an IPod

My apologies for the lack of posting. I’m working on a rather complicated post at the moment about Web Development and Project Management which (hopefully) should be of interest to you all.

Another reason is that I broke my PC fiddling with Itunes and trying to install the Itunes Agent which allows you to sync Itunes to a non-Ipod Music Player.

Well, I’ve finally got it working and it works well (although only tracks I’ve ripped myself will play on my cheap MP3 player). So now all I have to do is decided whether to get an Ipod or something else (and I’m not sure if something else will cope with the DRM until I’ve tested it on Dad’s swanky MP4 Player)

Decisions, decisions!

If you’d like to try Itunes Agent. You can download it from here. Note that it’s Windows only and requires the Dot Net Framework v2.0

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