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Smart Home Renovations To Make

Smart Home Renovations To Make

Smart Home Renovations To Make

A renovation is all about creating a comfortable, convenient, and safe house for you and your family. Integration of smart technology as you remodel your home is the best way to convert your house into that dream home you have always desired. However, as you choose your smart tech, it is advisable to choose what suits your needs. Here are some of the smart home technologies you can incorporate during a house renovation.

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1. USB Outlets

Having inbuilt USB outlets within a home has become the standard for any modern house. With innovation, you do not need to worry about losing your charger adapter. Installing the USB outlets implies that you can charge your devices with ease either from your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even your study room.

As you buy the inbuilt charging system, ensure that it is compatible with both USB type A and C. Type C is the latest innovation in the market which works with modern devices and enhances faster charging. More so, ensure that the sockets are safe and can accommodate even larger devices that require 4.8 amps and above so that you will not need to upgrade later.

2. Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener

Thieves always target the garage door whenever they want to break into a home. Besides, most households can access the rest of the house from the garage. The garage is where the car is parked as well. Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener allows you to open or close the door even from your bedroom. The door opener is the best smart home tech that is not only convenient but also safe for use.

3. Nest Cam

The Nest Security Camera can keep your home safe by ensuring that you get alerts via your Nest app about any movements within your house. It also has a mic and an inbuilt speaker so you can hear sounds inside your home. The technology can differentiate between movements from animals and intruders. Why not keep your house safe by installing the nest cam during your home renovation?

4. Philips Hue Light Bulbs

Do you want to upgrade your living room with warm colors? Then the Philips Hue LED light bulbs should be your go-to smart technology. The bulbs are easily controlled using an application on your phone, tablet, or even computer. What’s more, is that you can control the ambiance and set the mood you want for the night. With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can be sure that there is something for you.

5. Home Automation System

The best renovation you can carry out in your house is installing a home automation system such as the Amazon Echo. The system works by ensuring all devices and appliances within your home can be operated remotely through a voice command. Ideally, the Echo cannot function without a Wi-Fi connection. The system works together with a cloud service called Alexa. So, the echo receives voice commands, sends them to Alexa where she then interprets the messages. Upon interpretation, Alexa sends the information back to the Echo for inspection. If you have compatible devices and appliances, you can turn them on and off by a simple voice command even when you are busy across the room.


Whether you want a simple upgrade or you want to carry out an overhaul of your home, smart technology is the way to go for safety and convenience. Smart tech makes your work more manageable, and the market has recognized the need for automation of home appliances and devices. Some of the intelligent techs you can try at home include USB outlets, Philips Hue LED bulbs, Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener, a Nest camera, and a home automation system.

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