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RecordCast: How to Record Your Screen Easily

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RecordCast: How to Record Your Screen Easily Staff
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Training professionals, organizations, or independents are increasingly faced with the diversity of digital tools to feed our training content. Often paid, new tools appear every day, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. But if there’s one you should try, it’s RecordCast.

For this reason, I decided to tell you about this little tool, which is accessed via Google Chrome browser.

Recordcast, What Is It?

RecordCast is a screen capture tool, screen capture without registration required. It allows, in a few clicks, to create a video even without necessarily downloading additional software. RecordCast can be a great tool for creating videos for your team, whether it’s announcements or short training. But it is also useful for those who want to create tutorials and maybe put them on YouTube.

Recordcast website homepage

Recordcast, What Does This Allow?

Either you save your browser’s active tab, and you will only have the tab and not your entire browser.

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Either you record your desktop, and in this way, you can capture almost any application open on the desktop. In this configuration, your browser appears entirely, with all the tabs open.

Once the recording has started, buttons appear around your image at the bottom of the screen:

The first allows you to stop your recording and cancel it,

The second to conceal it,

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And then?

RecordCast will also allow you to trim, split, and edit videos in an easy way. It is possible to add your logo and some data in a simple way on all videos, cut the badly recorded parts and add new ones, add arrows or call-to-action widgets and finally rename the files in a simple way to make them easily identifiable.

Split videos easily

The features announced at the moment are

  • 100% Free;
  • HD video recordings;
  • Capture microphone or system audio;
  • Download your screencast in seconds, and add text, music, widgets, and transitions.

And Why Recordcast?

Excellent question, and it’s the first one to ask yourself when creating content. “Why am I going to use this tool? What does it bring me? What is the objective that I am trying to achieve with this tool? ”

Faster than any email, RecordCast can record your screen in video format, and share it with your contacts without having to download any software or do any complicated manipulations. This is what RecordCast offers, a browser tool that allows you to capture the screen in video and then use it as work support or as a means of communication.

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Embedded video player

It will increase your productivity and interactions with your team in different ways with simple functionality. We can imagine several uses to derive maximum benefits, such as one example of use cases, which is to use it to make tutorial videos for your site. Or to replace the functional specifications by a video accompanied by notes and vocal explanations. In short, you will not lack the imagination to make good use of this effective tool.

If you want to test the tool, this is where it happens, and you can also discover another review of the tool there.

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