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Planning to integrate MDF wall panelling into your interior design strategy? Make sure your do it in style with this quick guide from the experts at

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MDF wall panelling has become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners across the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. If you are planning to integrate it into your living room or bedroom design, though, you must do it in style.

Here are some top tips that will help you get the most out of your MDF home wall panelling to ensure that your dream does not turn into a nightmare.

Buy The Best Products

Affordability is one of the top reasons why people choose MDF over other solutions, but you must choose quality products for your home upgrade project. At the MDF Store, their experts can help you find the perfect solution from their wide range of products. It will give you the perfect starting point ahead of completing any work.

Find Your Inspiration Before Completing The Purchase

When buying MDF wood panelling products, you will naturally measure up the wall or walls to be treated. However, it’s equally important to build a clear vision of what you want to create with the space.

Using Victorian style wall panels in conjunction with the hottest interior design colours of 2023, like Vining Ivy by Glidden, is a particularly popular choice. However, you may also want to consider geometric patterns and other styles.

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Frankly, there is an endless list of inspirations online and in showrooms. Confirming your vision before starting the project is vital, particularly if you plan to revamp your walls to integrate with the existing furniture and furnishings.

Appreciate Your Limitations

MDF can be cut into intricate designs. Meanwhile, the ability to cut out plug sockets and other relevant holes makes it a good choice for wall panelling. However, cutting MDF panel strips isn’t a job for novices, especially if you are not familiar with using a circular saw.

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Acknowledging your limitations could save you from a lot of unnecessary stress, especially as Astragal, Victorian, and Shaker panelling are all available in a range of pre-cut sizes. Even if you subsequently hire someone to complete the installation, there will be a chance to showcase your creativity through painting and other finishing touches.

Take your time

Even if you are planning to complete the installation yourself, you must show some patience. The journey from deciding that you want MDF wall panels to completing the look covers many different stages.

You will need to measure the walls, buy the right type and quantity of MDF panels, cut the panels, smooth the walls, apply them to the wall, fill in the gaps with caulk, and paint them in the desired colour. Of course, you will need to leave enough drying time between caulking and painting, for example.

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Whether it’s a classic style or a bold modern look, it’s always best to master the project at the first attempt. Patience is a virtue.

Consider How Wall Panels Work With Other Features

Wall panels look fantastic and can turn a wall from bland to grand in no time, delivering a real luxury vibe to the home. For the best results, though, you may wish to consider ideas like contrasting MDF wall panelling colours against MDF kitchen cabinet designs. A complete look is a key to success and the only limit is your own imagination.

Get the process started by finding the best MDF products with our experts today.

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