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Jobacle Meme: YOUR Career Answers – TAG, You’re It!

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Jobacle Meme: YOUR Career Answers – TAG, You’re It!

The “Job Blog” Jobacle has posted an interesting meme I thought I’d take part in. The general gist is:

Some bloggers talk about their “real” jobs – others don’t.  I encourage everyone who has a blog or a Web site to post the questions below and insert their own answers.  Our careers all have ups and downs, and when we share the ride with the world, everyone sees that they are not alone. Give your readers some insight into your career – it’s good karma!

Right then, here we go – hold on to your hats!

Career Questionnaire 1

Worst Boss

Oh, this one is sooooo easy!

One of my previous bosses (who shall remain nameless for reasons that will become apparent in a minute) decided to have me arrested for theft – nice huh?

I was on police bail for a year when mysteriously the charges were dropped; Coincidentally at just about the same time any case I could bring for unfair dismissal also ran out.

Companies like to believe that they have robust hiring processes in place that allow them to capture the right people for the good of their enterprise. But when you dive into the details - as some experts have - you quickly discover that they’ve got it all wrong. And it...

The Boss had my personal computer equipment impounded by the police and when it was returned everything was broken; Not only that, they lost several CDs and other bits and pieces.

I have to stress that I didn’t do anything wrong – The Boss was just being a vindictive little $%@! and there was nothing I could do about it…. mind you I’ve not forgotten, I’m merely biding my time evil

Best Boss

Probably the last guys I worked for who I shall call Marky Mark and Stewpot. They used to kick us out of the office early on a Friday and then drag us down the pub where we’d never have to put a hand in our pocket no matter how hard we tried to buy a round!

They treated everyone as equals and gave praise when it was due; the camadarie and respect in the office was like nothing I’ve experienced, although I hope I will again.

I have been sorely tempted to go back and work for them again – if they’d have me of course!

Most Innovative Colleague

That’s a difficult one. I think everyone I’ve worked with has been innovative in their own way whether it be coming up with an off-the-wall solution to a difficult problem or suggesting a new way of doing things. I really don’t think I can single one person out (what a cop-out eh?!)

Most Rewarding Task

Argh! Another difficult one!

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

I think most tasks I do are rewarding otherwise I wouldn’t do them! But I think the best feeling ever is delivering a website to a client and seeing how happy they are with it (although the pay cheque comes a close second!)

Best Item You “Permanently Borrowed”

I can honestly say that I’ve never “borrowed” anything from anyone I’ve worked for – even before the nasty incident with “Worst Boss In The World Ever”. I’ve been given bits and pieces that they were going to throw out the weirdest of which was about 10 square metres of carpet tiles which they were going to skip and I nabbed to carpet my garage (don’t ask cheeky tongue)

Most Embarrassing Moment

Going to demo a website to a client only to find that it wouldn’t work on the crappy computers in their office. Lesson learned – either take a laptop or check their system capabilities. For some reason drawing screenshots on a whiteboard of what’s supposed to be going on with a website doesn’t quite work.

Lowest Pay

Probably the first job I ever had which was working part-time in my local village shop. This was before the days of the minimum wage (which is now around £5.50/$11 an hour) and I was on £2.25 (about $5) an hour.

After that my worst paid “proper” job was for “The Worst Boss In The World Ever”. I was paid just under half of what I’m earning now. What a mug I was!

Worst Holiday Gift or Bonus

The company I work for now doesn’t give bonuses but I did get two nice bottles of wine and some chocolate this year but I gave the chocolate away as I don’t eat it!

The really worst “gift” had a be a Flaming Katy which “The Worst Boss In The World Ever” bought me as a peace offering… I couldn’t stand the sight of the thing! Mind you, when I left I wasn’t even allowed to take it with me!

Bonus: Your Typical Day

I have about an hour’s commute in the morning (but bizzarely only 25 minutes on the way home – perhaps it’s a following wind?) and I get into the office about 9am.

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I’ll sit down and check my emails, grab a coffee, sort out my projects/action lists for the day and then crack on with whatever tasks I need to work on. I usually have lunch at about 2.30pm which suits me as it makes the last half of the afternoon go alot quicker! Depending on what I’m working on and where I can leave it I’ll finish at the office at about 5.45/6pm.

I have to admit, I have a sneaky websurf during the day, catch up on my (many) RSS feeds and also take the occasional  cigarette break – how naughty of me!

Right, you’ve heard about me so, wander on over to the Jobacle: YOUR Career Answers – TAG, You’re It! post and have a go yourself! – trackback or comment here so we can all read how you waste spend your day!

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