Is A Positive Mental Attitude The “Secret” To Success?

Is A Positive Mental Attitude The “Secret” To Success?


Sometimes it’s all about a simple change in your mental outlook that can make you more positive and happier.

Is A Positive Mental Attitude The “Secret” To Success?
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It’s been almost 10 years since the book “The Secret” (affiliate link) by Rhonda Byrne was released, along with a movie of the same name (if you don’t fancy reading!)

Even after all this time many books, blogs and T.V shows still reference this work and the idea behind it as a means to get the happiness you want.

The basic idea is that positivity breeds positivity, if you think in a positive manner this will have a positive outcome on events and actions around you. This is the “secret” of the title of the book (although Byrne calls this the “Law of attraction”.

How can we achieve this Positive Mental Attitude?

Realise You Can Change Your Attitude

We all have days when they seem to start under a cloud no matter how healthy we feel or organised we’ve been in the morning. If you’re feeling in a bad mood, see if you can find one positive in your day whether it’s the fact that they spelt your name correctly on your Starbucks order or the sun is shining. That one small ray of light can help shift your attitude.

Use Positive Words

Try to avoid negative phrases like “I can’t do that”, “that won’t work” and instead focus on the positives of what you can do and what will work.

Illustration of flowers growing out of a brain being watered
If you have high levels of mental ill-health amongst your employees, it can significantly impact your business. Lack of productivity and motivation, increased absences and high levels of staff turnover can all be linked to poor mental health in the workplace. According to the Mental Health Foundation, studies demonstrate that...

Improve Yourself

Self-improvement can be a massive boost to your positive attitude and mental well-being. Whether it’s doing a crossword, reading that Shakespeare play you never got around to looking at at school or signing up for an evening course. Do something that will mentally stimulate you that you will enjoy.

From Passion To Profit

Look To The Future

Make plans. Whether it be for you next holiday or a project you want to do around the house. Hive yourself something to look forward to and to aim for.

Smiling woman leaning on her car steering wheel
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Don’t Fear Failure

Many people won’t do something in case they fail at it but I think the old adage stands true that “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. I think it’s important not to worry about failing but to embrace these and learn from your experiences.

Get External Motivation

There’s no harm in getting motivation from elsewhere and what’s better than a daily dose of motivation in your inbox? Sign up to Shopify’s motivational newsletter to get motivational quotes delivered to your inbox every day.

What do you think? Can you think yourself positive?

Have you read “The Secret”, and if so has it had an impact on your life? Do you think you can think yourself positive by using a few of the techniques listed above? Let us know in the comments.#

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