How Using A.I Can Boost Your Productivity


If you’re looking for ways to cut down on the amount of work you have to do, cut down on costs or streamline your business then you might want to consider A.I – If you’re not sure what we mean by that think of Alexa, Cortana or Siri (and then some). In this article Kayla Matthews discusses the benefits of A.I and how it can improve your productivity.

How Using A.I Can Boost Your Productivity
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A recent study found AI could increase U.S. labor productivity by as much as 35 percent by 2035, and increase profitability by 38 percent, on average, in 16 industries.

AI has the potential to increase overall productivity across the economy and various industries, but it can also help you boost your productivity in both your personal and professional lives. Here’s how.

Streamline Communications

One of the most notorious drains on productive time at work is the email inbox. Our inboxes get filled up so fast it feels impossible to keep everything organized. AI can help with that.

There are several AI apps available to automatically organize your inbox by bringing the most important emails to the top and categorizing messages by topic. An app called Notion will even highlight questions you need to answer in each email and give you feedback about your response time.

Make Meetings More Productive

Meetings are another infamous time-waster. They can be helpful, but it’s hard to do them in a way that keeps them productive. Scheduling them and preparing for them can be even more difficult. If you want to streamline that preparation process, just get an AI executive assistant like Zoom.AI.

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The program can plan meetings based on the participants’ schedules and even find a location that’s convenient for all parties. You can also ask it to pull up information on the person you’re meeting with or to find a file you plan to go over. It can even order you a ride to the meeting. And all you have to do is send it a message through a compatible chat platform.

Reduce Distractions

The ability to ask an AI to bring up files for you can help you stay focused on your primary task. Since you don’t have to go searching for information, you won’t get as easily distracted. If you are using a program that’s compatible with voice search, you won’t even have to look away from what you’re doing. You can also create documents and take notes using speech recognition programs.

You can also use AI-powered apps to track how you use your time. A startup called Smarter Time offers desktop and smartphone apps that track your activity and device usage. It can tell you, for example, how much time you’ve spent on social media on a given day. If you use this app, you’ll see how five-minute Facebook browsing sessions add up throughout the day, just like searching for contact information or files does.

Improve Customer Service

By now, you’ve probably seen the chatbots that pop up when you visit business’ websites. These bots use AI to answer basic customer questions such as queries about store hours, item prices and inventory. If the bot gets a more complex question it doesn’t know the answer to, it will prompt the appropriate human customer service representative to take over.

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Some bots also function via social media. They can automatically start a private message with customers that post on a company’s profile, for example. Some of these bots also use third-party messenger apps and regularly provide opted-in users with information on new products or sales and send them exclusive deals.

By getting these conversations started and answering basic questions, these bots save customer service and sales representatives time that they can use to engage with customers that are further along in the customer service and sales processes. This makes these employees more productive and can improve the quality and efficiency of company’s customer service.

Wishing you could have more hours in your day? AI can help you do that. By making it easier for you to manage your time and taking care of some routine tasks, this technology can free up little chunks of time throughout your day that will add up quicker than you might think and give you a chance to be more productive.

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