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How To Use Technology To Make It Through The Pandemic

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How To Use Technology To Make It Through The Pandemic Staff
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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world. The disease has cost the lives of millions and has but the rest of the population in peril. Aside from this incredibly serious impact to human society, its also made it mandatory for people to avoid leaving the house to stay healthy.

However, being confined within the walls of your own home for prolonged periods can be chaffing. You may let self-care routines fall by the wayside. But you also don’t want to risk getting infected by leaving the house. You don’t have to sacrifice your well-being and completely abandon your routines just because you’re staying indoors.

Below are some ways you can stay healthy and continue improving yourself by using technology.

Use Apps to Stay Healthy

While you’re staying indoors, you may find your exercise options a little restricted. Unless you have a personal gym, you could find it hard to have a good morning exercise. According to health experts, physical inactivity can lead to serious health problems. Aside from increased risk of cardiovascular problems, you may also develop type 2 diabetes and even get anxious and depressed.

There are plenty of apps available for download on both Apple and Android products that can help you keep moving while you’re on lockdown. These apps provide exercise routines as well as tips on how you could make your exercise regimens easier.

Find Your New Home on Your Phone

Despite the pandemic, life still goes on and that includes house hunting. However, leaving your home to tour homes and talk to real estate agents can put you in danger of contracting the virus. The same goes for allowing just anyone to wander into your property for an open house.

There are real estate apps for Android and Apple that help both sellers and buyers find property. These apps let you put your home on the market through your phone. Buyers can then find your property easily and you can set up appointments.

Stay in Shape with Skype

Although you can turn to apps for exercise routines and tips, sometimes what you really need is a coach. These fitness professionals and give you the encouragement and advice you need to push through with your health initiatives. But meeting with them can carry the same problems with meeting anyone during the pandemic. Thankfully, you can consult with the fitness instructor of your choice through videoconferencing.

Gym coaches and even yoga instructors have used Skype and similar software to hold classes online. With a simple webcam and laptop setup, you can enjoy a good workout under the watchful eye of your coach. You’ll also get to interact with the rest of your fitness class without putting anyone at risk.

Learn a New Skill on YouTube

Just because you’re spending most of your time indoors, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to improve yourself or learn new skills. You could find how-to articles and various online classes on sites, but you have to pay for most of the good ones. However, there is a haven for people who want to learn news skills without a hefty price tag: YouTube.

The video sharing platform is home to millions of videos from hobbyists and professional from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for online tutorials on how to expertly apply makeup or you want to learn how to cook savory dishes, there’s probably a video of it on YouTube.

Read Books Online

Books offer you both an escape from the current situation and could help you improve yourself through introspection. You could order books online and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep, but there are other ways to increase your library.

There are apps like Libby that allow you to read and borrow e-books from local libraries. Aside from Libby, you can also access audiobooks through multiple online channels. This format makes it more convenient and allows you to listen to your favorite books while multitasking. Online stores like Audible also lets you buy e-books and enjoy them on your laptop or tablet without any hassles.

Relax with Digital Radio

Current events and the pandemic may be making you more anxious. Although it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious about the state affairs of the world, prolonged anxiety isn’t good for you mentally and physically. According to health experts, prolonged anxiety can lead to panic attacks, breathing issues and digestive problems.

When you want to relax, you can use digital radio platforms and online music streaming services to clam yourself. These programs let you curate your playlists, so you get to listen to soothing songs you like. They also provide a selection of entertaining and educational podcasts that you could use to de-stress yourself.

The pandemic has changed the way the whole world operates but you should never let it get the better of you. By using technology properly, you can enjoy your old routines without increasing your risk of contagion.

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