How To Plan Christmas – The Right Way!


It may be a couple of months until Christmas but there’s no harm in getting organised early. In order to help you get yourself ready we’ve created this great 48 page planner to take the stress out of your Christmas Planning.

How To Plan Christmas - The Right Way!
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I know, I know, we’ve not even had Halloween and I’m already talking about Christmas! There is a reason for this though – you don’t want to be leaving all of your planning to the last minute as that only causes stress and arguments and that’s something we really don’t want over the festive period.

I’ve designed the Christmas Planner as a physical insert for Traveler’s notebooks and these are available in my Etsy Store sized for A5, B6 and Personal but if you’re a subscriber to Flipping Heck’s newsletter you can download a free Personal sized planner from the link below;

Why Is It Important To Get Organised For Christmas Early?

If you can start planning Christmas early you can spread the cost across several months. While you might want to pick up items throughout the year not keeping track of purchases can lead to doubling up on some items and forgetting to buy others.


Make use of sales and special promotions to save even more money – You can use the “dried/long-life goods list” in the planner to keep track of these purchases.

Get Your Budget On Track

You can keep an idea on your spending with the holiday budget tracker so you know where your money is going and use this to save money on other areas or improve your spending next year.

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Know Where You’re Supposed To Be – And When!

You can track your holiday events using the handy December monthly calendar or list out you events in the Parties list. It’s quite easy to double book yourself this time of the year – or agree to a lot of Christmas meals without realising that the costs are adding up so this tracker will help you keep an eye out.

Remember What Shows You Want To Watch

When the adverts for shows & films start in mid-November, it can be hard to remember what you wanted to watch – especially as these are usually advertised too far in advance to add them to your set-top-box planner. List out the shows you dont’ want to miss – and avoid clashes with family members!

Use The Pre-Prep Guide To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas

We’ve created a handy pre-preparation list to help you get organised at the start of December, a few days before Christmas and on the big day too

48 Pages Of Christmas Organisational Goodness

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The planner contains the following pages:

  • Index
  • December Monthly Calendar
  • Christmas Goal Setting
  • Pre-Prep List
  • To-Do List
  • Notes
  • Present Tracker
  • Christmas Card List
  • Holiday Budget
  • Parties & events
  • TV Show Tracker
  • Menu Planner
  • Christmas Food List
  • Cleaning Tips & Chore List

So download your free digital planner below are head on over to our Etsy store if you would like a physical planner for your Traveler’s Notebook.

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