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How Do You Stop Your Phone From Being A Distraction?

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How Do You Stop Your Phone From Being A Distraction? Staff
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Could you live without your smartphone? Would you even want to? While the answer might ultimately end up as ‘no,’ it’s likely that you’ve been tempted to sling your phone into the abyss on more than one occasion.

They’re supposed to aid our lives, but from time to time, they become devices that seem to stress us out more than anything. This is especially true when we know we have other things to do. At those moments, our phones just seem to be nothing more than a distraction.

However, they don’t necessarily have to be a distraction. In this blog, we’ll look at some useful tips for taking away some of your phone’s power to control your life.

Set Limits

Smartphone technology kind of crept up on us. It was like a new toy, one that we had never encountered before. And, of course, there was no guide that taught us how to use the device in a mature way. As such, many of us ended up using our phones for much more time than we thought we would.

To get back some of your time, it’s important that you set limits on how much time you spend on your device. A little bit of mindfulness can go a long way!

Simplify Your Phone

The more stuff you have on your phone, the more likely it is that you’ll spend time on it. How much time do you spend just going through old photos, for instance? It’s a fun activity, but if it costs you too much time, then there’ll be an issue.

So look at making some changes. If you know how to transfer photos from iphone to computer, then you can delete your photos from your device, secure in the knowledge that you still have access to them.

Another way to simplify your phone is to delete any apps that you no longer use — all they’re doing is cluttering up your phone. In fact, could you get rid of apps that you use all the time? They’re the ones that are causing all the trouble, and unless they have a positive impact, it could be time for them to go.

Out Of Reach

How many times have you picked up your phone, just because it was within easy reaching distance? If you’ve ever hit the ‘home’ button to wake it up, for no reason at all, then you’ll know what we mean.

The easy solution here is to put it out of reach! Just leave it in another room. So long as the volume is loud enough for you to hear phone calls and messages, you won’t miss anything important.

Limit The Notifications

Finally, limit those notifications! App makers will send them all the time, because it’s in their interest for you to spend a lot of time on their apps. It’s not for your benefit! Switch them off. If you’re not opening the app, then clearly you don’t need it as much as you thought you did.

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