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Great Ways To Refresh Your Home This Week

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Great Ways To Refresh Your Home This Week Staff
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Now that the summer is in full swing, it is the ideal time for us to carry out some simple renovations on the home as well as refresh it for a better look this autumn.

Today we want to share some of the simple ways that you can refresh your home this week and make it look more styled and modern. There are some smaller and bigger projects on this list – but they will all go a long way to changing the look and feel of your home ready for a fresh new season.

Repaint Glosswork

The glosswork of your home will likely consist of your doors, skirting boards, and perhaps even your banisters and stairs. The glosswork around your home is one of those features that can be easily forgotten, however if you don’t refresh it now and again it can become grey and dull. To refresh your home in a couple of days, get yourself some bright white gloss paint and start to repaint the gloss work around your home.

You will need to first sand away any old gloss paint that was on your surfaces – and once you have sanded this down you can start to clean and wipe the surface to ensure it is smooth for your new paint. Gloss paint can take anything from 6-12 hours to dry so when you decide to do this make sure you are prepared for the wait.

Add Some New Art

One easy way to add a new dynamic to your home this week is to replace some of the art around your house with more seasonally appropriate pieces.

For example, as we get into autumn in a few weeks, you may want to change a summer scene to one with stunning red, Orange, and yellow leaves. Reflecting a change in season in your artwork can be a good way to always keep the home looking fresh and at its best.

Create A Gallery Wall

Another way to change the artwork in your home and refresh it for a new season is to create a gallery wall of 5-6 pieces on a blank wall. If you have a large blank wall that needs some attention – consider buying some different art pieces such as photographs, prints, or canvases to place on the wall in a fun design. A gallery wall can be a great way to add colour and character to the home and it will only take you an hour to do.

Recycle Old Materials

To make a change to your home in a positive way this summer, one thing to consider is having a clear out and getting rid of things you no longer need or use. Decluttering the house can be a super simple task and although it will take some time, once your old items have gone to Norstar metal recycling or your local tip you will feel like your home has a brand new lease of life.

Create A Porch Shoe Rack

If you have a porch area in your home, you will know just how easy it is to throw your shoes in after a walk and not put them away anywhere. Your porch is often a neglected part of the house however with a few simple changes you can make it into the ideal storage space.

One way to do this is by building a shoe rack using floating shelves to create spaces for your footwear to go. Paint the shelves a fun colour and this will add a simple sorta get solution as well as a design feature to your home in no time.

Paint Your Radiators

Is your home full of those old time white radiators that look about 50 years old? If yes, now is the time to make a change. Chunky old radiators can be a huge pain, but there is a simple way to refresh them and ensure that they look new as well as in keeping with the design of your home.

Grab some ceramic paint and paint your radiators the same colour as your feature wall. This will be a huge risk but the change it will make to your home will be immense and worth every second.

A bold coloured radiator can become a fun feature rather than a boring functional piece in the home and this can be a great way to refresh your rooms without spending too much money.

Try a few of these ideas and refresh your home for the better this summer.

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