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Free Download: Moleskine Pocket To-Do and Notes pages

Free Moleskine To-Do and Notes Download

Free Download: Moleskine Pocket To-Do and Notes pages

In late 2015 I decided to move back into more paper-based planing rather than relying on having my phone with me all the time (which I don’t – shock horror!).

If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know that I’ve developed my own A5/Filofax size planner but that’s a bit unwieldy to carry in my trouser pockets so I’ve turned a Moleskine into a diary following along the lines from.

The one thing I don’t want to do though is to clog up my “Diary” with random notes and to-do items that don’t really mean anything or can be discarded after a couple of hours which is why I developed my Notes and To-Do printables.

The downloads are sized so that they will fit in the back pocket of the Moleskine and can be printed doubled-sided in a variety of formats so you can have Narrow Notes one side and Wide To-Dos the other.

There are 8 files in the download – 4 A4 size and 4 Letter made up of the following:

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  • Narrow Note
  • Wide Note
  • Narrow To-Do
  • Wide To-Do

These free downloads are available with a grey header and are for personal use only.

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