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Driving On The Cheap: Your Essential Motorist’s Guide

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Driving On The Cheap: Your Essential Motorist’s Guide Staff
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Driving is one of life’s great pleasures. You’re able to throw on some of your favorite music, settle down in the comfort of your own space, and hit the open road. This has something of a mythic quality in the US, where road trips and open highways have long fascinated in popular culture.

But driving also comes at a cost, and that cost can seem to be rising each year as gas prices surge and insurance premiums rise. If you’re in the market to buy a car, you might consider looking to shop Toyota second hand vehicles but if you already have a vehicle, here’s a motorist’s guide to keeping those costs as low as possible in 2022 and beyond.


If you’re a keen motorist with plenty of journeys stacked up each week, reliability is likely to be a key concern of yours. An older car with engine problems could leave you stranded when you’re trying to make a key meeting – and, of course, leave you out of pocket when it comes to repairs. So, searching for the most reliable motor is an important step to reducing your overall costs.

This might mean selling your current car and buying one that’s nearly new, with low mileage. Or it could mean finding a car that is famous for reliability and which has plenty of spare parts across garages should you ever experience engine failure.


With premiums seemingly on the rise, it’s important that you’re able to shop around for the best insurance deal for you, your area, and your driving style.

There are two things to consider here. The first is the level of insurance you want – some insurance won’t cover certain accidents, which could end up leaving you out of pocket in those eventualities. And the second is the cost of the policy itself, with auto insurance Las Vegas offering competitive pricing based on your driving record and historical claims. These policies tend to save you money, rewarding safe driving.

Gas Consumption

If you’re making long trips and short trips every month, you’ll find that you burn through gallons of gas, frequently stopping to refuel. And fuel isn’t cheap – and it’s liable to fluctuate in price, sometimes leaving you with higher bills than you can handle throughout an expensive peak.

So doing everything you can with your driving – smart up-shifts, finding the perfect cruising speed, and turning off your engine when idling – that’ll reduce your gas consumption will help you save cash every week on your driving.

Avoid Cosmetic Maintenance

Making a claim because your car has a scratch on the side looks a lot like a waste of money. A scratch can be easy to buff out on your own, or you can pay out of your own pocket to have it repaired if you’re truly concerned by how the scratch looks.

But you need to bear in mind that frequently used cars experience bumps and scratches almost at random – from gravel on asphalt or from other cars while you’re parked. So, these repairs should be avoided, so long as the interior engine of your car is still working and in one piece.

Make your deriving experiences cheaper as well as more enjoyable with the tips outlined above.

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