Cloud Optimization: Right Ways To Use Cloud To Improve Efficiency

Cloud Optimization: Right Ways To Use Cloud To Improve Efficiency


Cloud computing is fast becoming an essential service. The times are way past when cloud computing was something you could either choose to be involved in or not.

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Cloud computing is fast becoming an essential service. The times are way past when cloud computing was something you could either choose to be involved in or not.

This is why the issue of optimizing cloud services is gradually cropping up into market space. What does cloud optimization entail? Simply, it has to do with the logical process of shutting down inefficient cloud infrastructure areas (such as idle meeting commitments, running dev instances when necessary alone instead of leaving it idle and running). In the long run, cloud optimization helps reduce cloud infrastructural costs and improve your application’s performance.

Since cloud services now form the bulk of most organization’s IT infrastructure needs. Cloud optimization has become an essential need for some businesses like those who provide online class help, as they have with lots to data to handle and need online storage with security. Here are 4 ways through which cloud optimization can be readily achieved:

A Good Governance Strategy is Key

Cloud governance can’t be separated from cloud optimization. The governance strategy a company adopts is what enables it to oversee cloud solutions via its pre-established policies.

Governance is very important because organizations’ cloud suits keep getting more complex and extensive over time. If there is no proper governance of cloud systems, there might be some very big lapses!

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If your aim is to attain excellence in cloud efficiency, it is important to make everyone involved responsible for specifics. Who is authorized to access certain cloud services? Who would take the responsibility of knowing how specific cloud solutions are run, or applied? With a proper governance strategy, there is a significant reduction in inefficient instances of cloud usage; and resources are only used in the way stipulated by the governing rules.

The Use of High-Quality Cloud Analytics

An organization that would have its cloud services operating at super-human efficiency must be one that has invested in high-quality cloud analytics! How else can the cloud be efficient if there is no proper tailing of the analytics of cloud; how, when, by whom, and where cloud resources are used should be tracked in detail. This way, it becomes easy to fish out the errors that have been made; and with proper insight, these holes can be filled up.

Also, with cloud analytics, you can get adequate information on how the cost and usage of a cloud service have morphed over time, helping you realize when a previously efficient cloud service becomes dormant or suboptimal for your cloud needs.

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Locate the Right Service Partners/Providers

Who is the right service provider for your cloud needs?

It becomes imperative to have an answer to this question if you want to efficiently handle your investments (rather than wasting it on the wrong provider).

It’s indeed a smart move to compare service providers on the basis of cost, reliability, services provided and ratings before making a final choice. For example, if you value efficiency, make it a top factor on your checklist, to find a service partner or provider known for cloud efficiency.

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What is Your Application’s Architecture?

In the spirit of choosing the right service provider, you should pay keen attention to the application’s architecture e.g. AWS architecture. This would be a suitable guide to how effective they’d be at cloud optimization. It would rapidly impact on how effective your cloud will be, with them; and how much you can scale up.

The Marks of an Optimized Cloud

It isn’t difficult to identify an optimized cloud solution- here, apps are faster, pages stream/load very quickly and there aren’t any outages. In spite of traffic spikes, there would also be no interruption of your cloud performance.

You can become a certified cloud solutions architect soon enough!

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