Christmas Present Ideas For Productivity Lovers

Christmas Present Ideas For Productivity Lovers


Do you have a friend or family member who loves “Getting Things Done” but you don’t know what to get them for Christmas? Look no further! In this post I give you loads of great ideas of things that you can give to the productivity geek in your life – or stuff you can ask for that you didn’t know you wanted!

Christmas Present Ideas For Productivity Lovers
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Welcome to my yearly look into what productivity fans might want under the Christmas tree. If any of my family members are reading this, this post is in no way a hint about what I’d like this year!

I hope you like the selection I’ve put together below. I’ve tried to go for a few different items that aren’t necessarily so obvious and may make a nice change from the usual suspects. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please let me know in the comments or contact me.

Please note that there are some affiliate links in this post. These are marked with an asterisk (*). I have not been asked to add these in this post, they are still my personal recommendation, and if you click on the link and purchase something the money goes to help me run this blog.

Baron Fig 2016 Planner

Whilst I love Moleskines, I’m loving the look of these planners from Baron Fig. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on one yet (hint, hint family) but the write-up on the site has me sold.Baron Fig 2016 Planner

They may be rather large if you’re looking for a portable solution but if you like the idea of being organised with a paper-based planner then check them out.

Young child wearing headphones and looking at a laptop
Technology and digitalization can be a double-edged sword when raising children. In this digital era we live in, we need to know how to strike a balance and set boundaries since avoiding technology is no longer an option. As parents and caregivers, it’s our job to find ways to teach...

Basics Wallet

I bought one of these a few months ago and it’s great if you don’t want to lug around a big wallet (or in my case purse and handbag) and just want to carry a bit of cash and your most important cards.

Christmas Present - Basics Wallet

The money pocket is a bit small to carry UK £10 and £20 notes but they will fit if you fold them up. I find the Basics Wallet really handy on a night out when I don’t want to run the risk of putting my bag down and have it taken (or forget it which is more likely), the design makes it less bulky (and noticable) than a normal wallet so fits quite well in even the tightest of trousers.

Fabriano EcoQua Journal (affiliate link)

Fabriano Notebook

I usually wouldn’t spend a lot on a notebook but I was able to get a few of these on sale at my local Staples and I’m glad I found them. The paper quality is fantastic and the bright colours are really fun compared to all of my black Moleskine’s. If you (or someone you know) is in the market for a good-sized, good quality notebook then these are worth looking at.

Laptop Sleeve (Affiliate Link)

Sadly the one I bought no longer seems to be available (pictured below) but the one I have linked is water resistant and has a shockproof layer so it should handle most situations you might find yourself in.

Caison Netbook Sleeve

Duracell value Charger with 4 AA StayCharged Batteries (Affiliate Link)

rechargeable battery

I’ve started to take a lot of photos recently for a new secret project I’m working on and the amount of standard alkaline batteries my camera was using was just astounding. After a bit of research I swapped to Duracell NiMH rechargeable batteries and instead of using around 20 batteries, I’ve used 4 rechargeable ones. If you have any high-discharge items like a digital camera then I’d highly recommend these. The initial purchase cost may seem high but they’ve already paid for themselves 3 times over with my savings on “normal” batteries.

Multi-angle Tablet Stand (affiliate link)

I recently bought an Acer 8″ tablet and it’s great for reading and watching Youtube videos but after a while your arms and neck can start to ache a bit. Having a multi-angle stand really helps as you can position your tablet in a variety of way to ease those aching muscles.

Multi Angle Tablet Stand

Please note I don’t have the exact model linked to above I bought a slighly different version* but you should be able to find one to fit any tablet.

Tile Lost Item Tracker (affiliate link)

Tile - Lost Item Tracker

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

If you’re forever misplacing your phone, keys, handbag or have a bike that might get stolen then check out the “Tile”…er…tile! Tile is a small bluetooth device that syncs with your phone so you can find items quickly, I’ve not tried it myself but the demonstration video looks really good. If you’re thinking (like I was) “Hey, bluetooth only has a range of 10 metres, how can that find my bike?” if you lose an item you can mark it as lost and other tile devices in the area look out for your item and notify you of it’s location when they connect to it – neat!

Stick On Whiteboard (affiliate link)

Stick On White Board

I think whiteboards are great for brainstorming and keep track of to-do’s, items you need to buy and more. If you don’t want to hang a whiteboard – or maybe you don’t have too much room then check out the products from Writey, you can get a stick on whiteboard suitable for the back of a door.

Texting Gloves For Smartphone & Touchscreen (affiliate link)

Smartphone compatible gloves

As the weather’s starting to turn cold we’ll find ourselves wearing gloves more often. Until screen technology catches up with us you can use gloves so that you can still tweet and like those Instagram photos while out and about during the winter months without having to take your gloves off.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (affiliate link)

Getting Things Done 2015 Edition

Completely revised in 2015 to take into account changes in technology and our always connected lives, David Allen’s seminal work is a must read for any productivity lover. If they have the original version then they must read this one!

Lapgear Smart Media Desk Exec Lapdesk (affiliate link)

I do a fair bit of work on my laptop sitting in front of the T.V. It means I can still get on with things while being able to have a bit of “family movie time” too.

Lapdesk for tablets and laptops

The lapdesk looks like a really good idea (I’ve not tried one yet), you can wedge in your tablet with a space to write notes in front of it, or put your laptop on it too. If you do a lot of work away from a desk then it might be worth a look.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (affiliate link)

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

This book kick-started me into a really good whole-house cleaning session recently. Whilst I didn’t agree with everything  in the book (read my review here) if you’re looking to get tidy and organised in the new year this is a book that will really help.

iPhone Carrying Case (affiliate link)

iPhone Hidden Carry Case

I don’t know about you but flip cases really annoy me as you have a bit of leather (or plastic) flapping about getting in your face. These iPhone cases have hidden storage at the back for your cards and cash so you won’t get hit in the face and they’re a bit more secure. I haven’t tried this as I have a Motorola phone but it looks pretty nifty.

Three woman having a meeting
The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed our lives, especially how we work. During the virus, many companies sent people home to work remotely and employees far and wide were generally thrilled at the change. Now that vaccines are making their rounds, companies are asking their employees to come back to work...

Digital Filter Coffee Maker (affiliate link)

Andrew James Coffee Machine

I love my coffee machine, in fact I’d go as far as to say it’s the best purchase I’ve made in the whole of 2015! Not only does it make great coffee (and it has a big capacity if you’re after multiple fixes of java), it’s helped to save me a lot of time in the morning. I simply fill up the water reservoir, add my coffee, set the timer and then I can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee ready and waiting for me to stumble out of my bed!

Over To You

Do you have any suggestions for presents I should ask for productivity lovers should ask for this Christmas? Let me know in the comments or tweet me a link to the product!

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