Brewing tea, ripe avocados, scarf tying and more!

Peppermint tea

Brewing tea, ripe avocados, scarf tying and more!

Over at Amazing Facts they have a great post detailing some incredibly important hacks that everyone should know. You can view infographics on:

  • How to brew a cup of tea based on tea type (although I think a maximum of 3 minutes for black tea is waaay to short!)
  • How to tie a scarf
  • How to lay a table
  • How to make the perfect burger
  • The proper glass to use
  • Is your avocado ripe?
  • How to put together a cheese plate (needs far more cheese than that illustration!)
  • How to tip
  • How to tie a bow around your gist box
  • How to cook a steak
  • Turn your hoodie into a laptop sleeve
  • How much food to serve at a party
  • Tie a bow tie
  • Convert kitchen measurements
  • Characters for an epic tale
  • What glue to use
  • How long does food last?
  • How to cook your vegetables
  • How dehydrated are you?
  • 29 ways to stay creative
  • Which wine with what food?

Check out the full post with diagrams for more information

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