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Thomas Simon is a freelance writer and productivity expert, reviews new productivity/monitoring software programs and apps. He has extensive experience in writing about various topics including technology, gadgets, social media, and digital marketing. Thomas writes for Monitask, loves spending time with his cat and reading books on how to be a better human both professionally and personally. He is currently living in Portland, Oregon.
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9 Skills Required For A Flexible Working Schedule

July 16, 2020 By Thomas Simon

Working with a flexible schedule has a lot of advantages, but to get such a position is not easy (and for some professional areas in impossible). To have a dream job, you need to perfectly master some basic skills. You need a job to earn money and take care of your family, but because of your job you are so busy that you cannot spend enough time with your loved ones. Or you have a great job, but you spend two hours every day to get to it. Is this situation familiar?…more »

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