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House & Home


Buying A House? Here’s How To Do It Without Regrets

April 7, 2021 By Robert Cordray

Buying a house is likely the biggest purchase you'll ever make. While it's an exciting time, it's also only natural to experience feelings of doubt, hesitation or even regret. Since buying a home should be a happy and exciting occasion, doing as much as you can to remain informed, confident and collected from start to finish will make all the difference overall. Here's some food for thought if you're thinking of setting off on your own house hunting journey.…more »

Office Productivity


3 Easy Tips For Increasing Employee Productivity

April 28, 2020 By Robert Cordray

Most businesses are looking for ways to increase productivity. When production increases, the entire company benefits. Employees are offered higher pay, and job security is more certain. You may have spent hours pouring over the latest research on how to increase your company's productivity, but the secret may be more obvious than you think. Your employees are one of your most valuable assets, and you can effectively utilize their skills to help your company be more productive.…more »



Tried and true ways to improve company culture

October 30, 2018 By Robert Cordray

Having a good company culture is always very important. Organizations that have a good company culture will have employees that are happy to go to work and have customers that are satisfied with their product or service. In this article Robert Cordray looks at how you can improve your company culture and keep your workforce happy and motivated…more »

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