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My name is Jessica Larson. I’m a married Midwestern mom and a solopreneur. I create online courses for students, and I’ve started and run several other businesses through the years. My goals are to support my family while still actually spending time with them, to act as an entrepreneurial role model for my two daughters, and to share what I’ve learned through The Solopreneur Journal.
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How To Maintain Your Remote Work Routine For The Long Haul

May 22, 2020 By Jessica Larson

One beautiful day in the future, the virus will be conquered, bars and movie theaters will reopen, and we will get to put our masks next to other historical relics like pog slammers and Rubik's Cubes. We can't know for sure when that will be, or whether life will return to what we consider normal. We do know, however, that the people who are working from home today will be unable to come back to the office for a while, and may even find themselves with the option to work from home permanently. How should they adjust to meet this challenge?…more »

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