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Dorothy Starling is a writer at She especially loves to write tech innovations, traveling and art. Her free time she spends on yoga and walking with her two amazing labradors: Odin and Thor.
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Why Developers Choose Angular: The Top Benefits

August 21, 2019 By Dorothy Starling

We’re in a golden age of client apps. Front-end frameworks for web app development from the obscure to triple-A abound. Therefore, there are many great choices for tooling to get your next app to market as quickly as possible with a few issues and hang-ups along the way as possible. Today, we’re going to explore why you need Angular, some of the pros and cons of Angular, and see if the benefits of Angular outweigh some of the other choices out there. …more »



9 Habits Which Help Students Avoid Homework Meltdown

February 2, 2019 By Dorothy Starling

If you're struggling with mountains of homework, forgetting assignments or stressing with the amount of work you have to do then Dorothy Starling has some great tips to help you cope and stress less. …more »

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