All You Need To Know About Automatic Garage Door Installation

All You Need To Know About Automatic Garage Door Installation


Are you thinking about having automatic garage doors fitted? Here we look at everything you need to know about automatic garage door installation

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Automated garage doors bring a whole new level of luxury and convenience to residential and commercial properties.

You can easily open the garage doors without having to exit your vehicle by making use of a portable remote control and pressing the appropriate button on it. Simply clicking the button a second time will cause the doors to close by themselves, freeing you to go about your day without the distraction of needing to ensure that your garage doors are shut and locked.

People prefer electric garage doors for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they cut down on the amount of time they spend opening and closing the door, making them ideal for wet, windy, and cold days.

When you drive away from or pull up to your house, you no longer have to fear being followed by criminals because automated garage doors eliminate this possibility totally.

Can You Add Automation To An Existing Garage Door?

While most garage doors can be automated, this is not possible for all garage doors. The process of automating a garage door will be determined by a number of things including the type of door and the state in which it is currently kept. Investing in a brand-new garage door equipped with automation capabilities will typically result in lower maintenance costs and more savings over the door’s lifetime.

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Because they are fitted with contemporary features, the automatic doors that we provide make it simple and trouble-free for you to open your garage door. In order to make older doors or garage doors that are in poor condition operate with the new technology, those doors and garage doors may need to have their mechanisms modified.

When contemplating the purchase of a brand-new automatic garage door or retrofitting your current door with this functionality, you should keep this consideration in mind.

How Reliable Are Automatic Garage Doors?

Automatic garage doors are efficient, but just like any other mechanism, they need to be maintained on a regular basis. These entrances will continue to function dependably for a great number of years so long as the garage doors are maintained in the appropriate manner.

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With a brand-new automatic garage door, you will not need to worry about much of anything, from lubricating or greasing the moving parts to ensuring that the batteries in the remote are always up to date.

How Much Does It Cost To Have An Automatic Garage Door Installed?

The cost of automated doors will change based on the needed dimensions for their installation. The price of your automatic garage doors will change depending on the level of technological sophistication they possess.


When it comes to automatic garage doors, we take great satisfaction in our many years of experience and in the fact that we know automated garage doors inside and out. We always make an effort to provide the highest possible level of customer service. For more information on automatic garage door installation, get in touch with Kay Garage Doors today.

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