9 Ways To An Easier Morning Routine For Kids


Kids often have issues waking up early and going to school or classes, mainly because they’re going through significant changes in their lives. Routine is really important in order to bring an even keel to your children’s lives, providing normalcy and helping them become more centred in their approach to life.

9 Ways To An Easier Morning Routine For Kids
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Kids often have issues waking up early and going to school or classes, mainly because they’re going through significant changes in their lives. When you think about it, almost everyone hates waking up early and preparing for work, school, or anything else. However, once you follow a certain routine, things get easier (kind of). The downside of this for kids is that they usually can’t get used to getting up early. This is quite evident from our own personal experiences when we were kids, so it’s our job to make it easier for them.

Here are nine ways to make the morning routine easier for your kids!

Make Sure Everyone is Getting Enough Sleep

If you let your kids stay awake for extended periods of time through the night, you’ll have a tough time getting them out of bed in the morning. Make sure that they get enough sleep; anything past 11 pm is already pushing it too much. You can easily check the amount of sleep they need by googling.

However, they’re not the only ones that should be getting a good night’s rest – so are you. You can’t expect to help your kids out if you’re always feeling tired. Go to sleep earlier if you must, but make sure everyone in the house gets enough sleep!

Start your Morning Routine at Night

This is an extension of our previous point. There’s no way you’ll be able to teach your kids to follow a routine if you aren’t a part of one yourself. Tell them what to expect in the morning and when you’ll wake them up. This gives them at least some knowledge when morning comes, so if, for example, you make eggs and bacon for breakfast, they might look forward to it and therefore, they’ll have an easier time getting up.

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Get Up Before your Kids

This goes without question. If you sleep in, who knows what might happen? After all, your kids probably aren’t yet of age to take complete care of themselves in the house and out of it, so you’ll need to be the influence they’re looking for. Besides, who will make them breakfast and help them pack for school if not their parents? Be an idol for them!

Make a Morning Routine Chart for Kids

How about this: As soon as they wake up, make sure they follow this routine:

  • Brushing Teeth
  • Combing Hair
  • Washing Face
  • Getting Dressed
  • Eating Breakfast
  • Putting Shoes on
  • Grabbing their Backpack with Lunchbox
  • Heading out the Door

A relatively simple routine, wouldn’t you agree? It’ll be easy for them to follow it as long as you take care of the planning. Additionally, we recommend using charcoal toothpaste as a means to keep their (and your) teeth white and shiny. Use it a couple of times per week, alongside your usual toothpaste. You can visit the website: http://discovercharcoaltoothpaste.org/

Allow Time for Breakfast

Don’t wake your kids up and immediately force them to eat breakfast because ‘there’s not a lot of time.’ If necessary, wake them up 10 or maybe even 20 minutes earlier, so they have time to eat slowly. It’s important not to rush things because that’ll cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Offer Rewards for Finishing Early

Does your child has homework to do but is lazy/uninterested in doing it? How about offering them a nice reward for being diligent? Parents usually don’t follow this method, but it’s one of the most effective ways of helping your kids understand tasks and obligations properly, without causing a scene. Don’t get angry at your kids if they’re late with something; try to understand what went wrong and give them a helping hand. If they do a task correctly, commend them, but if they do it earlier than expected, reward them! They’ll start doing their tasks with more care and dedication if there’s something for them once they’re done!

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Remain Calm and Connected

Many parents nowadays lash out at their children, and this is a big problem because all a child needs is love and understanding. If they did something wrong, it’s okay to be upset, but try to teach them why they shouldn’t be doing what they did. Understanding is key. If you remain calm, they’ll be calm as well, and they’ll listen to you more closely.

Double-Check for Materials

Maybe something is happening in your child’s life, and they’re disconnected a bit from the world, so they might forget to pack their books, or anything else, for school. Check everything twice and then teach them to do the same.

Make Weekends Special

Everyone gets excited when the weekend draws closer; kids even more, so why not make weekends special and fun for them? After all, kids and adults alike need a way to blow off steam, so planning a movie night or a small trip somewhere will help them unwind. The added bonus of this is that you’ll all bond as a family!

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