7 Lifestyle Changes That Help Beat Work-Stress


Work-related stress costs businesses thousands of lost hours and revenue each year. As an employee or manager, it can be really difficult to manage a decent work/life balance so in this article Rachael Everly looks at 7 small changes you can make to help reduce your stress levels and bring balance back to your life

7 Lifestyle Changes That Help Beat Work-Stress
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Stats reveal that 40% of all work-related illnesses are due to stress. Work-stress not only makes employees anxious, but it can trigger suicidal thoughts in severe cases. Because we spend so much time doing our jobs, work-related stress has a deep impact on our lives even when we don’t realize it.

If you’re not satisfied with your career or if you think you’ve too many responsibilities which you can’t handle, it can cause diminishing self-confidence and poor work-life balance. Though work-related stress is a motivating factor sometimes, it is imperative you learn how to manage and beat work-stress that is disrupting your daily life to avoid long-term damage.

Though it may seem impossible at first, you can stop stress before it drastically influences your life. Remember that though these efforts may seem minuscule when you practice them, consistency will make you appreciate life and equip you to battle through the stressors without damaging yourself in the process.


So, here are a few changes you need to bring to your lifestyle if you want to reduce your work-stress and enjoy life for all it is.

Learn Meditation

Practicing yoga, Pilates or other forms of meditation for a few minutes every day can help in easing anxiety and symptoms of depression. Breathe deeply, think about positive things and repeat mantras such as ‘I love myself,’ ‘life is beautiful’ to counter the effects of stress, and your heart rate and blood pressure will normalize. Experts suggest that you engage in a simple routine of 5 minutes of deep breathing or meditation whenever you’re feeling stressed and this is guaranteed to calm you down and help you think clearly.

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Be Mindful

Along with meditation, you also need to be mindful of what you have in the present and forget what you’ve lost. Being mindful helps you respond to a stressful situation rather than react to it in an aggressive and unproductive way. Remember though mastering both meditation and mindfulness will take some time, it will help you in more than one way.

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Let It All Go with Exercise

The best way to reduce stress is to exercise. Not only do exercises such as running, strength training or even punching a bag distract you from the burden but also give you a way to vent out your negative feelings.

Physical activity lowers your blood pressure levels and improves your overall health. Remember that you need not do something challenging if you want to succeed because even light jogging on the treadmill can channel your frustrations and let go of whatever is troubling you. If you prefer, you can also join swimming, yoga classes to lower your stress levels.

Set Boundaries

A primary reason today’s employees are a lot more stressed out than those in the yesteryears is that they don’t get time off. Though technology has benefited millions, it comes with its fair share of issues. Because workers can’t ‘switch-off’ their phones, they often bring work home, and this compromises their ‘me’ time.

If you want to be stress-free, you need to shut off work the moment you leave your office. Focus on your assigned tasks and then vow to give yourself, your family and your friends some time. If your job requires you to stay connected even outside the office, then make sure you take several short breaks in a year to unwind.

Remember to Communicate

Giving and receiving time from people you love will bring a drastic change to your life. Often, when we’re stressed about work, we close ourselves off from those that are close to us, and this results in making us even more stressed. So, experts recommend that when you feel that your anxiety levels are going high, make it a point to talk to people you trust and tell them about the things that are troubling you. Also, try to build a healthy relationship with colleagues as this will up your motivation and make you more grateful towards your job.

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Change Your Diet

Though you may not realize it in the beginning, bad eating habits can increase your stress levels. Because junk food such as chips and sodas can change your entire physiology, you will experience mood swings which will lead to negative feelings. Instead of reaching out for that caffeine fix mid-afternoon, stick to healthy snacks such as smoothies, fruits, vegetables, and nuts for long-lasting energy.

Relax with Reading & Writing

Finally, make a habit of writing a journal about your feelings and make reading a part of your daily routine. Pick up self-help books and inspirational story-lines that tell you how someone battled through the calamities of life. These two techniques will help you forget stress and focus on the things that are a blessing in your life.


Letting go of work-induced stress may not be as simple as it sounds, but if you remain consistent and don’t give in, you will experience positive changes. Remember that where there’s a will, there is a way!

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