7 Home Security Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

7 Home Security Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About


Burglars won’t be prepared to deal against these home automation tricks. Find out how you can safely secure your home and loved ones with these security hacks!

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Among homeowners, protecting themselves and their property should be on the list of top priorities. If you live in a country where crime rates are alarmingly high, chances are, you’ll require a home security system. Home security systems are electronic components that you install to protect your home. More often, these state-of-the-art electronics come at a hefty price to provide 24/7 security.

Many people often look at home automation as a means of quickly securing their home from unwanted visitors when they’re away. Additionally, it doubles as another means of protecting yourself and the people you live with, along with their privacy.

Even if you don’t live in an area with a high crime rate, investing in a reliable home security system is still highly recommended. Take New Zealand—in 2018, the country had the highest burglary rates in the world despite being known for being peaceful.

Burglars are often not witnessed when performing the act, nor do they leave behind much physical evidence. As a result, not many of these criminals face arrest by local authorities, which slims down your chances of retrieving your stolen belongings.

There are multiple methods of securing your home from unwanted guests. Luckily, many of these don’t call for overpriced technologies and can be easily installed within the day.

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Security Window Film

At times, locking your window won’t be enough to stop a burglar from entering your home or damaging your property. Luckily, there is a practical yet inexpensive solution to protect you against this.

Window films work similarly to automotive windshield glass. The film contains a thick binding agent that keeps your window from shattering upon impact. Simultaneously, it makes break-ins more difficult.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensors can be programmed to trigger alarms whenever it detects an intruder or unusual activities around your home. Simultaneously, you can receive notifications regarding these alerts on your phone or tablet.

Motion detector lights are great for protecting your privacy at night and functional even when you aren’t home. Additionally, you can use them to keep track of pets and other family members at night.

Key Lockbox

Hiding your spare key in a lockbox is considerably safer than leaving it under your mat or over the doorframe. Key lock boxes are about the size of a smartphone and attached to the wall or door handle.

These tools are popular among real estate agents because of the range of security it provides. Lockboxes come in various models such as push-button, dial, and wheel models, all ranging in strength and size. Additionally, homeowners can regularly change the passcode on these locks to offer tighter security.

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Fake Security Cameras

Security system installations are trending because of its effectiveness. It is one of the most popular forms of security used all over the world. However, if you are on very tight budget, fake cameras can be the next best thing. Fake security cameras allow you to trick burglars into thinking that you are keeping a watchful eye on your property. This can make them feel warier and possibly want to avoid breaking into your home at the risk of being caught.

Use Plants

If you’re opting for a more eco-friendly home, consider having plants around your property as an added security feature. Many homeowners strategically place thorny bushes and vines around their windows to prevent burglars from climbing into them. Similarly, you can set these plants around fences.

Using plants as a security measure can also double as added decoration to your garden or lawn, making your home look more appealing. A few great examples of these are plants such as climbing roses, firethorn bushes, and Oregon grape hollies.

Change Your Door

The vast majority of modern homes often use wooden doors with a standard lock system. While this design may be aesthetically pleasing to fit your home, it can easily break down with enough force. Additionally, the locks on these doors are considerably easy to pick with enough practice.

Consider changing the doors on all entrances and exits around your home with a security door or steel core door. These are not only tougher to break down, but they also double as a fire door in case of an emergency.

Use Longer Screws

Another cheap and simple way of adding more security to your home is replacing the screws on your doorplate with longer ones. Most front doors use 3/4-inch screws, which are easy to break down from their hinge. However, by simply using a longer screw on your doorplate, you effectively increase the security of the deadbolt.

The longer screws will drive into the house’s frame, allowing the door to withstand more stress. Installing them is also simple with the use of a drill or screwdriver.

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Security Tips And Tricks

Attaining a safe and secure home doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. Numerous security methods prove that it is possible to keep your property safe using inexpensive equipment and tools.

Knowing what types of crimes occur around your neighborhood can also be a great advantage. The information you gather can help you determine what you need to prevent and what to prepare.

While there are many different types of criminals out there, adding these security measures to your home can make it somewhat difficult for them to succeed.

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