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6 Secrets To Making Your Home Look More Airy And Spacious

Spacious apartment living area with large windows

6 Secrets To Making Your Home Look More Airy And Spacious

The difference made by the style of decoration is huge in any home. Did you know that the right interior can even trick the mind somewhat? Your home can start to look much bigger or much smaller depending on what you want. You may want to make a room look cozier, but most of us are looking to make places in our house look airy and spacious.

The tips below can help you to ensure you make your home appear as big as possible.

Use Contrasts And Light Colors

Designers know that light colors give the feeling of space. Your room will look bigger with a more reflective and light design, including the walls around the area. It can maximize the way light has an effect and makes the room seem airier.

Accent walls can also be a good way to add some interest to the design, and light colors such as shades of blue and green can be a way to keep the feeling of space. This contrast will help to make the room interesting but still provide you with a feeling that there is plenty of room within, whereas some darker colors will absorb and minimize the light and make the room feel cramped.

Create A Focal Point

Getting a focal point in the room such as a table, a desk, a bed, or anything you see fit, can be a way to create a bigger feel.

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If you can limit the decor elsewhere and create the illusion of more large areas of space around that focal point then the eye will be tricked into thinking the room is bigger, and that you have more floor space.

Cut The Clutter

One of the sure-fire ways to make a space look smaller than it actually is is to fill it with clutter. We accumulate so much stuff over the years, and it is easy to decorate your home with all those pictures, and decorations. A few are fine, but they can become excessive.

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A few decorations are fine, but if you are going to make a spacious look then clutter is an absolute no-no. You want the room to look like it has plenty of floor space, so don’t forget that clutter can also come in the form of tables and rugs.

Keep The Carpets Clean

Carpet cleaning can make a big difference. If that big block of color is ruined by a tired-looking carpet or even stains or marks then it can draw the attention away from the spacious look of your room and make your room look smaller, and also far less appealing. If carpet washing isn’t your idea of fun then you can get carpet cleaning services where professionals complete this for you.

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Hang Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains With Breezy Fabrics

These floor-to-ceiling curtains give a grand look without taking over, and the larger design feels like it extends and accentuates the whole room. Breezy and light fabrics are another way to stick within the rules of keeping things light, which inevitably helps to keep the room feeling big and open.

Creative Lighting

As with a lot of other aspects of interior design, natural light is such a huge tool that you can use. If you’ve got the option to let the light pour in then it will naturally add to a larger and more natural feel, but if you don’t that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of some light tricks.

Creative lighting and fixtures that mimic natural light can be a good solution. Brightening the room is almost always a good idea, and lamps and interesting lights can be a great way to do this. Think about areas of the room that look dark, and whether you can spruce these up with lamps or other lights to give a more wide and open feel.

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