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6 Essential Items Every Edgy Wardrobe Needs

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6 Essential Items Every Edgy Wardrobe Needs Staff
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In the early 2000s, when emo kids, scene kids, skaters, and goths wore baggy clothes and caked-on faces, “edgy” looked completely different. These days, dressing edgy is all about taking aiming for that rock-n-roll look but blending it with fresh ideas and a dramatic feature. This involves popular mashups like oversized denim and cropped band t-shirts paired with chunky boots and skinny jeans. With this in mind, let’s dive into our top picks for any edgy wardrobe.

Canvas Sneakers

Vans and Converse are a staple in the alternative fashion and music world, and they’re extremely comfy to wear. There are countless different styles and designs including artwork inspired by TV shows and much more. As well as the functional benefits, sneakers like the Platform Converse can be paired with absolutely anything including skirts and dresses. If you want to get off to the right start with an edgy wardrobe, follow this link to stand out from the crowd with Converse.

Black Leather Pants

When Britney Spears covered Joan Jett’s I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, she knew leather pants were essential to the culture. Unlike coloured leather pants, black can be paired with practically anything. A simple outfit involves black leather pants, Vans or Converse, and your favourite band tee to finish the look. Alternatively, you can pair them with stylish boots, a ripped white t-shirt, and a boyfriend blazer.

Shredded Demin

Ripped denim is hot right now, which is great news for kitting out an edgy wardrobe. To add layers to shredded denim, they can be paired with fishnets or tights. If you want to achieve a laidback style, you can pair your shredded denim with canvas sneakers and a flannel shirt. Alternatively, you can go for studded boots, fishnets, a trendy t-shirt, and a utility jacket.

Grungy Skirts Or Dresses

Bring a taste of the 90s along for the ride and put a grunge-style skirt or dress into your wardrobe. These versatile dresses come in many different styles including floral dresses, skater-cut skirts, and velvet slip dresses. For the ultimate edgy look, pair a plaid skirt with a cropped band t-shirt. Alternatively, you can pair an edgy mini dress with a moto jacket and strapped heels.

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Rocker Makeup

Edgy fashion is all about simplicity – you don’t want to come off as a try-hard. These days, edgy makeup needs to look undone rather than over the top. Black mascara and eyeliner are always popular choices, and you can pair these with any natural tones. If you’re looking to make a statement, you can throw on deep lipstick.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens have been part of the edgy world for years now, and they’re well worth spending the money on. An authentic pair of Docs will last you a decade or more if you look after the leather properly. There are many different styles including chunky-soled boots, which will pair perfectly with a feminine dress.

An edgy wardrobe is all about rock ‘n’ roll elements and subtle elevations. The items discussed above barely scratch the surface, but they make for an excellent starting point.

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