5 Health Perks Your Child Gets By Living In a Clean Home


If you want to give your child the best start in life you can’t go far wrong with making sure your home environment is a safe one. From infections to trip hazards, an untidy home can be a dangerous place for a child. These 5 tips will help you make your house a safe home.

5 Health Perks Your Child Gets By Living In a Clean Home
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“I am fed up with the frequent visits to the doctor for my kids rampant health issues” a lot of women complain. Not only it is agonising as a mother to see your child suffer, but it is also financially disturbing. Unfortunately, a lot of us have and are facing this situation. We often end up blaming the eating habits, or blame it on our child’s weak immune system. But, wait. Look around your house. The problem may be lying there. Yes! Just have a deeper look.

Correct the problem of an untidy and unclean house because it is the single most effective tool in ensuring your house is a safe enviroment. Your child will see a lot of health benefits following your clean up drive. Don’t believe us? Read the list below to know more about those health benefits.

1. Cut Down On Respiratory Problems

Like sneezing, coughing, hay fever and asthma attacks.

These are the problems that your child may face if there is too much dust in the house. Long term exposure to it can lead to a variety of respirator problems. The dust could have entered from outside or can be generated within the home itself.  It’s not just dirt though, don’t forget your dead skin cells as they too become part of the dust particles after a while. These are invisible particles, but are the real threat. Frequent vacuuming of carpets, drapes and mattresses and changing pillows is one of the best ways to deal with it. But regular cleaning does hold its ground. Some kids are naturally allergic and it won’t take much time for you to figure it out. Just make sure your child isn’t around when you do the spring cleaning.

2. Fewer Stomach Problems

Like nausea, pain, vomiting and indigestion

No matter how much you teach your kids not to eat any food lying around on the counters (or the floor) they will do so. This may transfer the invisible microbes all the way to their young, vulnerable tummies. And then you know what happens: Stomach cramps and incessant crying. You surely wouldn’t want to bear with your child’s pain. A similar kind of situation can arise if they play with unclean toys. This is a serious issue with toddlers who put these toys into their mouth habitually. Sanitize everything your kids have an access to can save them and you a lot of pain and worry.

3. Less Injuries

Like nicks, burns and cuts

Your kids are prone to the above mentioned injuries when they live in an untidy home. When you forget to put those hair tongs in a safe place it’s all too easy for a child to get hold of them when they’re still hot. The burn marks make you cringe and regret your mistake, but it’s a bit too late for regrets. Keep it tidy and out of the way so you never have to regret again. A well organized home with no clutter reduces chances of trips and falls, this will keep elders safe too.

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4. Less Chance Of Bacterial Infection

Like staph infection, E. coli etc.

Your kids are prone to minor injuries every now and then. Compromised skin can become a perfect host to bacteria thriving around your home. Unclean areas in the kitchen and bathroom hide microbes and they provide them the right environment to grow and multiply. Using cleansers on a regular basis kills bacteria, viruses and other hidden germs. Sanitizing places that harbor infections and diseases like bathrooms will help children remain safe. Do it as the professionals of house cleaning services in Chicago do or take their help if you are nearby. You can also contemplate taking their services in future.

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5. Fewer Pest Issues

Like from lice/bed bugs, scabies etc.

Checking your beds regularly will help you keep a check on the growth of bed bugs and other pests. This will help you find out the hidden problems that are dangerous for the kids. Go for extermination using safe sprays, or get someone in. Meanwhile, sweep, throw out the garbage and vacuum everywhere including the hard to reach spots, this will help you get rid of pests and bugs. They live in warm, damp areas (like bathrooms and airing cupboard) so pay extra attention to these areas.

The Bottom line…

Say ‘hi’ to cleanliness and ‘goodbye’ to an unclean and untidy house this way you can keep your kids safe and cut down their risk of injury, illness and infection.

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