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12 Gifts for Procrastinators and Productivity Gurus


12 Gifts for Procrastinators and Productivity Gurus

Struggling to find a gift for the procrastinator or productivity guru in your life? Look no further! Below are 12 Christmas gifts to suit even the most discerning productivity aficionado.

1. Behance Action Book

More than just a simple notebook, the Action Book helps you capture Actions rather than simple tasks. The fact that it looks gorgeous helps too!

2. Crap To-Do List

Write down all of the crap you need to get done today then get that crap done! Affiliate link

3. Smart Light Switch

You don’t need to leave all your lights on when you’re not in a room, you can be more energy efficient with these great smart light switches. These smart light switches can be controlled through your wi-fi network so you can turn lights on and off without needing to leave the couch. If you’re not sure whether you want a smart switch, bulb or a plug check out this guide to smart light switches by Smart HomeRig

4. Bucket List Notebook

Keep a note of all of those things you’d like to do before you kick the bucket.

5. WriteyBoard

Stick on White Board converts any surface into a cheap whiteboard. Also, check out the ghost board which looks really cool too

6. Moleskine Pocket Notebook

No list of gifts for Productivity Geeks or Procrastinators would be complete without a Moleskine. Affiliate Link

7. Livescribe 3 Smart Pen

Convert you handwritten notes into notes synced on your iPhone or iPad (IOS Only)

8. Waterproof Notepad

We always seem to get our ideas at the most inconvenient times! Affiliate link

9. WeMo Insight power switch

Connect the Wi-Fi enabled WeMo switch to any appliance and you can monitor its power usage and turn it off an on via your smartphone. Also available is the WeMo light switch

10. Boogie Board LCD Tablet

It’s a bit like an advanced etch-a-sketch…. but you can also hang it on the fridge and write notes!

11. Grid-It Ultimate Organizer

Organise all the rubbish in your bag so you no longer have to rummage around to try and find stuff.

12. Procrastinator Clock

I’m sure you’ll get to that “Sometime today”.

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