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10 Tips For To Speed Up Your Cleaning Tasks

10 Speed Cleaning Tips to Get the Job Done Faster

10 Tips For To Speed Up Your Cleaning Tasks

As your house grows old, more and more of it is likely to be dependent on you for maintenance. Inside and out, a well-kept house will require much less attention and maintenance than a house which doesn’t get any care at all.

Now, no matter how much you take care of your house from the inside, the outside of your house is always at the mercy of weather conditions.

Without proper roof cleaning your roof will get moldy and mildew will start growing on it. Your gutter will grow those infamous tiger strips as time passes. Your roof will be overrun by algae if you don’t get rid of it in time.

In this article, we will tell you about 10-speed cleaning tips that can help you prolong the life of your roof and keep it in tip-top shape throughout the year.

Tip # 1 – Choose Your Roof Shingle Cleaner Wisely

Only buy your cleaning material from a company you trust. Keep an eye out for those products that would also harm your roof and house while cleaning.

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Cleaning a roof by yourself is not as easy at it sounds. Without the proper mixture of chemicals and other products, you can instead do more harm than good while cleaning.

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Tip # 2 – Don’t Do It Yourself, If You Have The Option

Always first make a search for “roof cleaning service near me” and get estimates for the roof cleaning first, before deciding to do it yourself.

Tip # 3 – Set Aside A Whole Afternoon For The Job

Cleaning a roof is not as easy and requires much more time and effort than you can imagine. So, take some time off of your other chores, or job, or anything that you need to do otherwise, and make time for the cleaning.

Tip # 4 – Water You Garden Plants First

The cleaning material that you use will take care of the algae, moss, mould and mildew it might also harm your garden plants. As most of the cleaning products contain bleach like material that is harmful to plants. The best way to protect your plants is to water them before you start cleaning your roof.

Tip # 5 – Make A Decision Between Chemical Wash And Pressure Wash

Both do the job perfectly but both have their pros and cons attached to them.

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While pressure washing is best for metal and concrete roofs, the chemical runoff from chemical wash can harm your landscape and parts of your home.

Tip # 6 – Best Time To Clean Gutters

Well, the best time to clean gutters is when they stop doing what they are meant to do, that is, divert water from the foundation of the house.

Tip # 7 – Best Ways To Clean Gutters

The best way to clean a gutter is by using a small plastic scoop to remove gunk. You can buy such a scoop from your nearest hardware store.

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Tip # 8 – Best Way To Avoid Cleaning Your Gutter

The best way to avoid cleaning a gutter altogether is to have the best kind of gutter cover installed. Once you do this, you will surely miss the days of standing on the ladder in the rain trying to clean out the gunk that is blocking the water.

Tip # 9 – Hire A Roof Cleaning Service For Effective And Fast Cleaning

Roof cleaners know everything there is to know about cleaning and protecting the roof. They use the best material mixes that clean your roof while preventing the damage from cleaning materials.

The best part is that you won’t need to set aside your afternoon for cleaning.

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Tip # 10 – Always Keep Safety In Mind

The best way to increase the time of cleaning is by not properly preparing yourself.

Safety while cleaning a roof is important.

Don’t work on a steep roof unless you are wearing slip-resistant shoes. Use safety rope as needed. If you are working with strong chemicals don’t forget to wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself.

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