Why programming projects take so long

Why programming projects take so long

Perl isn’t a language I’vehad much to do with as it’s a bit complicated – plus I’ve never really had to use it for anything other than mail scripts.

The following video shows why software projects take so long.

Why this guy thought he could use voice recognition software to write code I don’t know. A monkey could have done better!

The last time I tried to do anything with software like that was in a drunken stupor; My university friends and I were trying to get it to type a rude word without saying one – hilarious.

Anyway, behold the reason why all software/web development projects over-run – we’re all too lazy to type (note this does contain a bit of swearing – understandably), the guy spends 10 minutes to get something written we could do in about seconds:

Hat tip to Andy C for linking to it

You justhave to love microsoft eh?

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