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When To Expand Your Beauty Business

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Expanding your beauty business is a huge but necessary step. You may want to physically enlarge your store, add a new branch, or increase the amount and variety of products you sell online either directly or through a third-party service. Of course, succeeding enough to warrant expanding can be tough.

Yes, the beauty industry is a huge moneymaker, but that doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed success. That’s why knowing your moment is so important.

Signs It’s Time To Expand Your Beauty Business

There are a few key signs you need to wait for before you can or should look into expanding your beauty business.


The first one is whether or not your business is profitable enough. If you aren’t making a profit where you are now, or if the margins are very small, you aren’t yet at the stage where it makes sense to expand. If, on the other hand, you’re making a tidy sum and are hoping to expand that sum by growing your business, then you’re in a good position to expand.

You Have a Game Plan

Expanding means more work. You need to have a game plan in mind and fully fleshed out in terms of who will pick up the slack, who will manage your next store, and so on. Yes, you can outsource some things, but when it comes to anything brick-and-mortar, your expansion options are going to get tricky.

How To Expand Your Business

You need to be prepared to expand and have the financial means. Once you have met that criteria, you’ll want to expand. Before you look to a second (or third) store, however, you will want to start by expanding your business model in these key ways:

Offer Live Services

Beauty products are very personal! That’s why having makeup artists in your store helps connect people with products that suit them and then show those customers how to make the most out of the products they have selected.

Expand Your Product Range

As you get more successful, you will want to expand your product range. Before you do this, you need the space to display all items properly. You can even then use signs or pull tabs to make recommendations to customers from there.

Take your fragrance section, for example. If you create a little placard with the scent profile for every product you purchase from, you’ll be able to help customers find their next scent with absolute ease.

Partner with Other Brands

Always stay in the know in terms of small businesses. This is how you’ll figure out who is trending near you, and what other businesses are in your community that you can partner up with. For example, you can work with a wedding planner or a makeup artist to become their go-to supplier.

There are many great options to help partner with complimentary businesses, and you just need to put out some feelers and make that essential first connection to get started.

With these tips you will be able to enjoy a successful expansion of your business.

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