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What Is Retinol: How and Why You Should Use It On Your Skin

Women rubbing face cream on her face

What Is Retinol: How and Why You Should Use It On Your Skin

Skincare is important, regardless of your age. Generally speaking, the first thing many people notice in a crowd is a person’s face. By looking at the subject’s face, one can figure out if that person is happy, sad, or angry.

If you think about it, faces seem to speak to us in ways words can’t. However, the voice of your face can be easily damaged by the sun and other factors over time. Because of this, having the right skincare products is a must.

It can be tough finding products that work for your skin. There can be a lot of steps and financial resources spent before you finally find something that helps your skin look so much better. Advanced technologies have also made it easier for beauty brands to capture your attention and position their product more appealingly.

But the problem is that it just never seems like you’re getting any closer to finding the “right” products. This is especially true when determining which ingredients are best for your skin. With the many skincare products, including retinol, available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which ones actually do as what has been advertised.

With that, you’ll need to find a product with the right ingredients that address your skin concern. While some myths may scare you, it’s also possible you’re missing out on the many benefits that products like retinol can do to your skin. In fact, retinol can improve wrinkles and acne, tighten pores and increase moisture levels, making your skin look more youthful. If you’re curious about what retinol is, read more below.

What is retinol Infographic

Retinol Myths And Facts infographic

What Does Retinol Do?

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Lia is currently the content strategist and lifestyle consultant for Kiehl’s Philippines – a cosmetics brand specializing in skincare, body care, and hair care products that combine the power of nature and science. One of her advocacies is to debunk myths on personal hygiene. She is also an aspiring novelist and wellness enthusiast.

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