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Weekly Round-Up #32 – Back to Notebook Basics, Fonts could cause email trouble, Hard Stops and We're allowed to Snack!

Weekly Round-Up - Cowboy Lassoing Text

Weekly Round-Up #32 – Back to Notebook Basics, Fonts could cause email trouble, Hard Stops and We're allowed to Snack!

Happy Friday!

We’re well over half-way through the year and for some we’re still experiencing some semblance of summer. I don’t know about you but when it’s cold, dark and gloomy my motivation and productivity seems to slow to a crawl like it’s preparing for hibernation or something!

Anyway, hopefully the follow links I’ve selected will help you regain some motivation and you’ll find something interesting to read – enjoy!

The BASICS Notebook: Simplify and Improve Your Life – Basics Company

I first saw this through a sponsored Facebook Post which I have to admit I usually ignore but something drew me to this Kickstarter campaign. I love notebooks, I mean seriously! This one combines a planner, motivational tool and notebook all in one and looks awesome. I’m definitely backing this campaign. I checked the company out and they’re behind the successful Basic Wallet which I like the look of so much I ordered one!

Why your email font is ruining your life – Mashable

I used to work with someone who used comic sans as their go-to font of choice. To make it worse they coloured each paragraph a different colour, but that’s a story for another time!

According to this article from Mashable, the default font that your email program uses is probably a sans-serif font (arial or helvetica) which can be difficult to read as certain letters “blur” together. Instead we should go old-school and use a serif font like Georgia.

What do you think? Does the font you use make that much a a different (assuming you don’t use multicoloured comic sans).

Want To Become Super Productive? Stop Doing These 5 Stupid Activities– Pick The Brain

Instead of giving us a list of things we should be doing, this post turns it around on its head and gives you 5 simple tips on what you should not be doing.

Boxer takes on Microsoft’s Outlook by bringing your inbox and calendar together – The Next Web

This is one of those posts that I put here as a reminder to myself! Boxer looks like an interesting App (although a separate calendar app on Android rather than the integrated one on iOS is a bit of a bummer). I haven’t checked it out yet but it’s on my list of list of things to look at – check back for a review and if you’ve used the app yourself, let us know in the comments what you think of it.

Use This 14-Day Plan to Overhaul Your Entire Financial Life – Lifehacker

As we start the slow slippery slope towards Christmas it’s probably time to start taking a look at out finances and how we can sort them out. You can read all about each step in detail at Business Insider.

Two big-picture concepts that help me plan my days/weeks/months – The Modern Mrs Darcy

How do you schedule your day? Does everything go into your calendar (which is a big no no in a lot of time management systems) or do you just go with the flow? “The Modern Mrs Darcy” sort of combines the two techniques so that some items are immovable others happen “whenever”, check out her post to see how she does it.

15 Seemingly Smart Health Tips That Are Actually The Worst – Buzzfeed

I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment – well, if you ignore the 4 tacos and huge amount of garlic bread I’ve just eaten. In this Buzzfeed post they dispel a few health myths that we’ve all been told or have read, I especially like that I can snack (as long as it’s healthy of course!)

I Hope You Have A Great Weekend

Let us know what you’re up to in the comments, I shall be mostly shorting out old clothes in continuation of my summer clear out… I may also clean the oven if I’m feeling that motivated!

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