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Weekly Round-Up #175: Returning, Recycling and Remote Working

Weekly Round-Up #175: Returning, Recycling and Remote Working

Weekly Round-Up #175: Returning, Recycling and Remote Working

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up, I hope you’ve had a fun and productive week (despite the heat we’ve experienced here in the UK!).

This week we look at return policies of a variety of retailers so you won’t be hard done by if you try to take something back, why recycling paper in your office is so important plus how you can get your remote team-mates communicating effectively.

Comparing The Return Policies Of E-Commerce Retailers – Red Stag Fulfillment

Have you tried to return something only to be told that you’re out of luck? Having worked in customer services I know how difficult it can be to balance the needs of the customer, the needs of the company and any applicable laws.

It’s always better to be armed with the facts so with this in ming, Red Stag Fulfillment have created a handy guide to returns processes at various different outlets so you know what to expect.

How And Why Your Company Should Recycle Paper And Use Recycled Paper –

Consumer’s are becoming environmentally concious – and businesses should be too. Recycling is one of those things that companies may think about but are slow to adopt but it’s really something to consider for a number of reasons such as customers picking “green” companies and local law implications.

In one year the average office worker gets though 10,000 sheets of paper and using one tonne of recycled paper can save 17 trees! It’s well worth considering switching to alternative paper sources so check out Quill’s article.

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime On Any Device – Ring Central

Businesses are more globalised with workers in many different locations, using different technologies and in different timezones. While this flexibility can greatly enhance a businesses productivity, communication can be hampered by the distance between workers. Ring Central has a great article on what you need to do in terms of culture and technology in order to manage your remote workers effectvely.

The Many Homes Of 7 Famous People – HomeAdvisor

Follow the rags to riches tales of 7 famouse people and see what type of home they started off in and where they ended up. From Bill Gates to Ernest Hemmingway you’ll be sure to find someone’s move up the propery ladder inspiring.

The Best Smart Tech For Your Kitchen – Great British Chefs

I don’t know about you but I’m a bit of a kitchen gadget fan – my newest item is a birthday gift of a Meater Bluetooth Thermometer which is fantastic. So, if you’re a fan of tech and like cooking (or want to make your kitchen life easier) then Great British Chefs has some great gadget ideas.

Automate Your Inbox With These Tips, Tools, And Templates – Zapier

Automation is a great timesaver but it’s not just all about filtering emails when they come into your inbox. Zapier covers some great techniques you can use to fix your inbox by speeding up replies, let people know when you’re available for meetings and much more.

The Gmail Redesign’s Coolest New Features – LifeHacker

Sticking with Gmail, if you use the mobile app or another email client you may not have seen that the web version has had a bit of an overhaul which is well worth checking out. As well as adding a calendar view to your inbox and better task management (see below) other functionality includes snoozing emails and “smart” replies.

Google Tasks Is Exactly What We’ve Been Waiting For, Here’s Why – Pocket Now

If you use the Gmail web client or Google Docs you might have see a small box pop up occasionally asking if you want to assign a task to yourself or someone else. Until recently, this was a pretty useless feature as tasks were really badly handled in Gmail. That’s all changed now with the release of the new Google Tasks App which integrates reall well with Gmail and Google Calendar so check out the Pocket Now’s glowing review of the Google Tasks app

How Exercise Helps Your Brain – The Best Brain Possible

I have to admit, I struggle to exercise and I’m sure if I ran a poll a high percentage of you guys would feel the same. I also think if I ran a poll asking you how you felt after exercising nearly 100% of you would say “fantastic”. The reason? Excercise can affect your brain chemistry and it’s now been found that this can help you with your memory, thinking skills, creativity and reduce depression. Don’t believe me? Check out The Best Brain’s Possibles write up on the benefits of exercise.

12 Groups Of Companion Plants To Make Your Vegetable Garden Thrive – TreeHugger

I’ve started to attempt to grown my own vegetables this year. I have tried in the past but forgotten about them and they’ve unfortunately died. This year I have been far more attentive and things were looking good – I had some lettuce, tomatoes and cayenne peppers growing until the hottest May Bank Holiday decided to fry most of it. I’m not put off though and have started again and Treehugger’s article on what to plant where to make the most of your garden’s growing ability.

Wise Words About Money – Moneypod

For your Friday Fun this week how about a “Who Said What About Money”? The Wise Words About Money Quiz from Moneypod will test your quote and cash knowledge. Let us know how you get on in the comments.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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