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Weekly Round-Up #144: What’s Your Chronotype? Re-engage Your Spirituality & Get Rid Of Rubbish

Weekly Round-Up #144: What's Your Chronotype? Re-engage Your Spirituality & Get Rid Of Rubbish

Weekly Round-Up #144: What’s Your Chronotype? Re-engage Your Spirituality & Get Rid Of Rubbish

This week we ask are you a Wolf or a Bear? How to re-ignite your spirituality and why the Autumn is the best time to do all of that decluttering you’ve been promising yourself.

Pup Malware: What Is It And How To Remove (Information Guide) – MalwareFox

The amount of Malware circulating on the internet is on the rise all of the time – as vulnerabilities are found in various aspects of website code, or malicious websites are set up in order to deliver these unwanted apps to unsuspecting people it’s important to understand what this stuff is, what they want and how you can get rid of it.

Do You Know What Kind Of Learner You Are? – PoundsToPocket

Understanding what type of learning style you have will help you put in place strategies that work for you in advancing your knowledge. This infographic from the guys at PoundsToPocket asks you a series of questions in flowchart format to lead you to your learner type. Just so you know, I’m Kinesthetic which means I do best through practical application rather than pure theory – and that’s spookily accurate!

How To Get More Energy At Work – GetVOIP

Over at GetVOIP, they’ve put together an interesting infographic on improving your energy. I have to admit, I struggled to get going with this as they didn’t have a suitable “Chronotype” for me (What? No “go to bed at 3am??!) so I did what I usually do and had a Google and found a quiz that will tell you your Chronotype which was put together by Michael Breus the author of “The Power Of When“, a book that tells you when to do things based on your Chronotype. I got Wolf, by the way!

How To Re-Awaken Your Spirituality To Reconnect With The Natural World – BackpackerVerse

As the old saying goes, we should remember to take time to “Stop and Smell The Roses“, but how many of us take that advice, or even know where to start? Don’t be fooled by the title of BackpackerVerse’s article, it’s not about religion but instead gives you some great background on how spirituality (how we feel about ourselves and connect with the environment around us) affects our general health and mental wellbeing.

Super Valuable Email Management Tips And Tools You Can’T Live Without – Café Quill – Cafe Quill

Regular readers will know I’m a BIG fan of email management, if you’re not a regular reader, I’ve written a series managing your email and have also launched the free “Become An Email Ninja email course” but, if you’re more of a visual learner (as you found out earlier, right?!) then this infographic from Cafe Quill will help you get to grips with your inbox.

Airtable Universe – Airtable

AirTable is a relatively new website that aims to help you get super organised. Airtable is a kind of suped-up spreadsheet with database capabilities that allows you to run a variety of projects through it. Not sure how to get started? Choose one of their many templates and check out Universe to see what others have created. Best of all, there’s a feature-packed free version so you can check it out without risk.

Ready To Go It Alone – Tips For Easing Into Solo Travel – Divine Magazine

If you’ve yearned to travel, but thought that it wasn’t possible as you had no-one to go with then think again! This article covers the benefits of travel and how you can do it safely.

How To Work With Difficult People – NetCredit – NetCredit

As much as we don’t want to, we all have to deal with toxic people at some point in our jobs. This infographic from NetCredit gives you 9 ways to deal with difficult people so you don’t blow your top and create more problems.

Employers, Your Employees’ Lack Of Productivity Might Be All On You – Fast Company

If you’re an employer who thinks your unproductive workers are just lazy, then you probably couldn’t be more wrong! Treating workers as just another cog in a soulless machine will do nothing for productivity, nor will holding countless meetings for no real reason. Perhaps you need to look at business practices before blaming your employee’s for their low productivity levels!

According To Study, Your ‘Meanest’ Friend Is The One Who Actually Wants The Best For You – Providr

We all seem to have that one friend who always comes across as being rather mean. It turns out, they may not be trying to hurt your feelings but instead illicit emotions in your that help your recovery process. The article from Providr doesn’t list a specific source but I found Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being from The Scientific American which explains some of the psychology behind the theory.

7 Unique Ways To Use A Paper Planner – Decorator’s Voice – Decorator’s Voice

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible for buying a nice notebook when I see one, whether I need it or not! If you’re looking for some ideas to put your stockpile of notebooks to good use then Decorator’s Voice has 7 ideas for you.

How Often You Should Wash All Your Clothes – Simplemost – Simplemost

I put an infographic together a little while ago showing you what needs cleaning when but if you’re unsure how long you can get aware wearing that sweatshirt with those jeans [Simplemost has the solution]I put an infographic together a little while ago showing you what needs cleaning when but if you’re unsure how long you can get aware wearing that sweatshirt with those jeans [Simplemost has the solution].

Fall Cleaning Chore Checklist | Organized Home – Organized Home

I’m a big believer that major cleaning tasks should be done all year around, not just in the Spring (Check out my Autumn Cleaning Challenge here so if you’re looking for inspiration on what needs to be done over the Autumn (or Fall if you prefer) then get the Organized Home’s Fall Cleaning Checklist.

Declutter Your Home Forever – Bottom Line Inc.

Can you get rid of the clutter forever? Yes! Well, according to Bottom Line Inc. you can. You need to look at each area of your house and then go through its main uses and then remove items that don’t fit that use.

October Declutter Calendar: 15 Minute Daily Missions For Month – Home Storage Solutions

Think you don’t have time to declutter your home? Think again! Home Storage Solutions splits your decluttering into 15-minute chunks you can easily accomplish each day – so you have no excuse!

“Does It Spark Joy?” Is The Wrong Decluttering Question – Becoming Minimalist

In Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” she tells you to pick up Every. Single. Item. and ask “Does it spark joy?” This is a rather convoluted process and it would seem that Jeremy of Becoming Minimalist thinks it’s the wrong question to ask altogether and that we need to learn to want less in the first place, rather than being “okay” with dumping the stuff we’ve already purchased but don’t “spark joy” anymore.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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